How to tell if you’ve found the right guy

How to know if you’ve found the right person for you

If we’re completely honest with each other, we can all agree that every woman wants to find the right guy for her. The only special man who will add love, peace and purpose to his life. This is why we are dating.

However, there comes a time in your life when you have no more time to waste and you need to strategically date. Instead of talking to a man for weeks and months, just to find out he’s not the one after all. You want to develop a system that will help you know if you’ve found the right person as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, there are three things you can look for if you want to find the right man. Each of these is an indicator that it might be the one for you and that it’s worth investing more time in. I call them the three Cs of romance. Here’s how to tell if you’ve found the right guy for you.

1. Chemistry

Chemistry is like the glue of dating. It’s what keeps you hooked on the other person and makes you feel excited about them. When you have chemistry with a guy, you find yourself passing out and looking forward to the next date.

Without chemistry, on the other hand, you will both have a hard time connecting, meaning the initial excitement and attraction will wear off.

Therefore, you want to assess early on whether you feel attracted to him physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Yes, the attraction is not limited to the appearance. The truth is, once you start dating someone exclusively, you want to make sure that they can stimulate your body as well as your brain.

That’s why I suggest you make a list of things that you find appealing about it and rate them based on their enthusiasm, challenge, or inspiration. If the majority of them score 5 or less, you might want to reconsider your decision to date it.

2. Compatibility

The second C is of course compatibility. Once you feel a spark between the two of you and feel drawn to him in myriad ways, you want to make sure that you are in fact a good fit for the long haul. Compatibility is what will show you if your lives align with each other and the relationship can stand the test of time.

Therefore, you want to know if its values ​​match yours. Here are some questions you might ask yourself: How important is family to him? What is his idea of ​​a successful life? How does it relate to faith?

Additionally, you want to get a feel for his purpose and whether you see yourself in his outlook on his life. Do your careers / calls line up or do you feel led to a completely different lifestyle?

Remember, when you meet the right person for you, you won’t have to give up parts of yourself to be with them.

So write down your top three non-negotiable items and pay attention to them when you meet. If you don’t have one, I strongly suggest you develop them now, as they will protect you from installation and help you be more intentional in your dating .

3. Commitment

Probably the most important sign you’ve met the right guy is that he’s ready to commit. It doesn’t matter how strong the chemistry is and the ideal of compatibility. If he’s not ready to commit to you, I argue it’s not him . As I like to repeat in my articles and videos. The right guy at the wrong time is always the wrong guy.

Therefore, find out early if he is ready to commit to a relationship at this season of his life. Because if he isn’t, you’ll waste your precious time dating him and find yourself trying to mend the emotional damage for months on end.

A good way to talk about commitment is to have them talk about their plans for the future. Invite him to share with you where his head is when it comes to marriage and children without judging him for it. If you can use sentimental language as described in my book “From Situation to Relationship” that will allow her to open up to you.

I know a lot of people say that when you meet the right person you know and believe that is true. This is why the three Cs are so important. You’ll know he’s the right man for you when all three of these things seem to come together.

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