How to tell if a MagSafe charger is authentic

The iPhone 12 released MagSafe, a ring of magnets to which we can add a multitude of accessories and future technology for Apple . Although the most important MagSafe accessory is the charger , we have many others such as batteries or holders that can be very interesting . However, as almost always, fakes of Apple’s MagSafe charger have started to appear that is difficult to identify.

Magsafe on iPhone 12

Many counterfeits closely resemble the original devices, and the MagSafe charger is relatively easy to copy. For this reason, we are going to show you a 100% reliable, comfortable and simple way with which you can check if a MagSafe charger is an Apple original or if it is an imitation.

How to check that your MagSafe charger is genuine

There are interesting MagSafe accessories that are not manufactured by Apple but that are 100% reliable and safe, however those that pretend to be the original can be more dangerous . Also, this way you can avoid being sold a fake MagSafe charger pretending to be an original one.

Although it may appear that the MagSafe charger works like any other wireless charging base, MagSafe chargers communicate with the iPhone using NFC technology when the two are connected, so we see an animation when connecting it to the iPhone. This makes them even upgradeable.

And it is precisely because of these technologies that it can be verified that a MagSafe charger is original from Apple. You just have to follow these steps:

  1. Connect the MagSafe chargerto the iPhone.
  2. Go to Settings> Generalon your iPhone.
  3. Now go to Informationand scroll down.
  4. Just above the Main section you should see Apple MagSafe Charger.
  5. Upon entering you will see information suchas the model and firmware version.

This section appears in the iPhone Settings when connecting a genuine Apple MagSafe charger

If this section does not appear within the iPhone settings, it means that this MagSafe charger is not an Apple original and it is an imitation. On the outside the MagSafe charger is quite simple to imitate, there is no Apple logo and it is a piece of aluminum and a white area, but the interior does not deceive.

As you can see, it is a very fast and simple way to know if a MagSafe charger is original or we are facing an imitation, I wish it were so easy to determine it in other accessories such as cables.


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