How to teleport to another location in Minecraft

Traveling from one place to another in Minecraft is very easy, if you know how: we teach you how to teleport around the world of Minecraft to save a lot of time while traveling

In Minecraft, you can teleport to different places. To do this, your world will need to have active tricks – it’s an important detail. Enter the menu by tapping the button to pause the game.

Pause the game by tapping this button

Enter Settings .

Access the Settings section

Scroll through the menu and check that Activate Cheats is active.

Make sure Activate Cheat is active

Once you are sure that this is the case, open the chat window, which also functions as a command console. To do this, tap the text bubble icon located at the top of the screen, along with the button to pause the game.

Open the chat window

Tap the text box.

Tap the text box

Type / teleport , the command necessary, your name user in the game and, finally, xyz , the coordinates where you want to teleport. For example:

/teleport nome x y z

Enter the teleport code and coordinates

The X is the position of the east and west of the play starting point (longitude), Y is the level of height on the bottom / height of the rock, where 63 is the sea level, and Z is the northern position or south of the starting point of the game (latitude). In the case of X and Y , positive values ​​are used to go south and east, and negative values ​​to go north and west. And be very careful not to insert random values, because it is suicide: you could find yourself in the sea, inside a mountain, die instantly …

At the command, you can add some extra data, for example to teleport you to the place where another player is. Here are some possible variables:

  • yRot / xRot: to define the rotation of the character or object teleported to its destination.
  • victim: to teleport something or someone.
  • destintion: name of the character or the place to teleport something.
  • lookAtPosition: set of coordinates to point the teleported character or object to its destination.
  • lookAtEntity: Name of the player or target that the teleported player or element must look at.

Another possibility to do this is to open the chat window and tap the icon with the symbol /.

Tap the symbol

In the window that opens, select Teleport . It will allow you to choose the character and the place to teleport through the menus that will appear, which will basically write the code for you in the text box.


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