How to teleport in Minecraft?

How to teleport in Minecraft? For all those Minecraft players who want to learn how to teleport easily and quickly in this fun video game, we bring the following article through which you can learn about each of the steps to follow to achieve this important mission.

If you play Minecraft from your PC and want to know how to teleport in a few steps, let us tell you that you couldn’t get to a better place than this. Here we will show you what is the easiest and fastest way to teleport in the popular video game that is causing a sensation among people.

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  • 1 Steps to teleport in Minecraft from PC
    • 1 Step 1: Cheat Option
    • 2 Step 2: Activate the coordinates
    • 3 Step 3: Observe your PC screen
    • 4 Step 4: Ready for Teleportation

Steps to teleport in Minecraft from PC

Would you like to learn how to teleport in Minecraft? So pay close attention to the following guide that we have prepared especially for you and in which we tell you all the steps to follow to achieve this mission. We can tell you that the procedure is super simple and easy to perform.

Step 1: Cheat Option

One of the first things we must do to be able to teleport in Minecraft is to accept the option of cheats when creating our world. Remember that you must activate this option, otherwise it will be practically impossible to teleport.

Checking this box is very easy. When creating the new world you must click on the box “More world options”. Now select the box “Allow cheats: NO” and as soon as you click there you should change the option to “Allow cheats: YES”:

Step 2: Activate the coordinates

After allowing the cheats in our world you could say that we are ready to begin the process of teleporting in Minecraft. The first thing we must know before doing this mission are the coordinates of the place we want to teleport to.

To know the coordinates of the place you want to teleport to in Minecraft PC is very easy. You just have to use your computer keyboard and press the “Fn” and “F3” keys at the same time.

Step 3: Observe your PC screen

After making the respective combinations on your keyboard, a series of data, codes and numbers should appear on your computer screen . Don’t worry if you don’t understand anything. Here what interests us is to learn what our coordinates are.

To do this we place ourselves in the initials ” XYZ ” which are our coordinates to follow. We recommend that you have a sheet and a pencil on hand so that you can write down the coordinates that appear on the screen and that way you can teleport to the right place.

Again click on the “F” and “F3” keys to remove the menu from the screen.

Step 4: Ready for Teleportation

We are now ready to begin our teleportation . The first thing will be to press on the key you have chosen to open the chat and as soon as you do it, a box should appear to write in which you must indicate the following code: / tp @p XYZ

An important fact that you should keep in mind is that you only have to write the numbers of the coordinates that appear before the comma and without the slashes.

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