How to tame and tame a dragon in Minecraft

Something that undoubtedly attracts all Minecraft lovers are dragons, and surely you will want to have the experience of having yours and tame it. We know from experience that they are restless by nature, for that reason we will teach you to tame and tame a dragon in Minecraft very easily.

How to tame a dragon in Minecraft?

Something you should keep in mind is that we will use commands to start our taming. If you can tame and tame your dragon in Minecraft. It really is not difficult, you just have to identify a place where these beings live or where you want them to arrive.

Now, you must place 3 commands in a row in blocks and then find a place where you want your dragon to stay. When choosing it, you will have to go back to your blocks and enter the “spawnpoint” command by entering the coordinates (6, 82,17).

It will help you to put the first command in one of the blocks. When entering, put this code : tp @e [type = ender_dragon] 6 82 17 Then put the block on repeat and always active.

In the second block you will place the following code: tp @e [type = horse] 6 84 17, uploading 2 coordinates to 82. And finally in the third you must enter the following code:

“Effect @e [type = horse] invisibility 25000 true”. Now put the summon command How? In this way: / summon ender_dragón When you place it, your dragon will automatically appear at the point you requested.

Now you will need a horse, for this take the sword of the horse and place it in the last block . Doing so will teleport your dragon making himself invisible and allowing you to tame and ride him.

How to tame a dragon without commands?

If you want to have a faithful pet and raise a dragon, this step by step is for you. First you must create an end portal that goes to the dragon, and you will have to defeat it. Killing him will give you an egg.

But how to cover them up? Well, placing it in a place and activate the Dragon Mounts Mod by double clicking it and the egg will begin to hatch for about 10 min. Then it will come out and to train you will have to give it fish until it becomes an adult allowing it to be saddled and mounted.

Why is Minecraft so popular?

Simply because it allows those who play it to make a creative fantasy world to their liking, and best of all, they enjoy adventure, action and entertainment on any device that is available on Android, iOS , PC, video consoles and many others. winning the heart of those who play it in a short time.

If you started out in the world of Minecraft recently, you have joined one of the largest video game community. When starting your experience, we recommend that you start a world with vegetation and fauna, for this you can plant trees and make them grow  since if it is in a desert it is more difficult to start. The basic thing you must have to start your construction is wood.

You only have to cut down trees by hand by clicking on the tree. And by placing it in your inventory you can have wooden planks or sticks, work table, etc. Which will help you get other elements necessary for construction such as stone, opening up the possibility of new constructions.

Advantages of playing Minecraft

  1.  You will relax, by building and starting new worlds you can develop your creativity to the fullest.
  2. You will develop your ability to think by discovering assets and managing them properly.
  3. The more you advance, you will grow, you yourself will be the one who will lead the way to your victory.

Minecraft is a highly recommended game to encourage creativity and play with friends sharing the same world . We hope that you can achieve all your goals and that the information provided today will be very useful, do not forget to comment on your experience when taking the dragon or if you are a beginner starting in this wonderful world. We wish you the best of success


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