How to Tame All Animals – Valheim Guide Guide

Wild boars are some of the first wild animals you will encounter when you start playing Walheim. They are found in the Meadows biome and can generally be found roaming alone or in small groups.

To tame a wild boar, it is necessary to make a small enclosure and feed it. Wild boars like to eat berries (raspberries and blueberries), mushrooms, and carrots. Berries and mushrooms abound at Meadows, so you can easily stock up on them.

If you are lucky you may come across a broken enclosure where wild boars naturally roam. You can repair it to complete construction or build a pen from a round post fence to create your own enclosure.

Leave a small opening in the fence and drop the food inside. Seduce the wild boar in the corral, close the gap that was left open and quickly leave the enclosure.

Wait patiently for the boar to calm down. After a while, the boar will start eating the food you left behind. If you see a yellow heart above its head, it means that the boar is happy and the domestication process begins.

Mouse over the boar to see its progress. The percentage of domesticated wild boars and the current status are displayed. If it says Adaptation, that is, we are warming up to a new environment.

Leave the boar alone and make sure it has enough food. Then eventually you will be tamed. Once tamed, you can safely enter the pen and spend time with your new animal friends. And yes, you can pet the wild boar.

If they can successfully tame two or more wild boars, they can start to mate. See the guide below for more information.


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