How To talk to someone who blocked you In Whatsapp

If what you want is to be able to message those people who have blocked you on WhatsApp, then we have the perfect trick for you.

WhatsApp not only allows us to be in communication with the people we are interested in, but it also allows us to block those with whom we no longer want to have contact for one reason or another. But sometimes it is vitally important to get in touch with these people and that is why we will tell you a trick to do it .

Something to take into account

Before we continue, it is important that you know that this trick should only be used in an extreme emergency, otherwise you would be violating the right of the other person to block your number. So out of respect for whoever blocked you, only do what we’ll see below if it’s completely necessary .

And since we know that the world is not only made of black and white contrasts, this is how you can send a message to a contact who has blocked you .

How To talk to someone who blocked you In Whatsapp

This trick has only one step, a fairly simple one that requires the help of a third party. Well, what we have to do is enter a group chat created by a third phone. That third phone, either from a friend or a relative of yours, will have to add you and the blocked number to this same group chat and only with that you will be able to send messages to that person again .

As you can see it is really easy, although keep in mind that it is possible that the person who blocked you also blocks the other number that added them to the group chat and that they leave the group without answering anything . But at least you will have managed to send an urgent message to that number.

Remember that if someone has blocked you then the best thing we can do is respect their decision. Just as you would like those you blocked not to send you messages, do not use this trick unless it is a real emergency

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