How to talk to someone on WhatsApp without them seeing my profile picture

No one should be surprised that WhatsApp is par excellence the most reliable and fastest way to use to send messages, notes and voice, make video calls and send multimedia files. But just like other platforms that use the network to communicate, they offer us certain options to maintain our privacy. That is why we will show you how to talk to someone on WhatsApp without them seeing my profile picture.


It is that many times we want to talk to someone, without this meaning that they should see my profile picture. Luckily and as you already know, WhatsApp is an application that thinks about everything and is one step ahead, of course this is not an option that you will find in the menu. This is a trick that you can apply and it will not allow them to see your profile photo.

The applications that we use every day to communicate contain many configurable functions that we do not get to know no matter how much we use them. And we hereby take care of giving them to you as an instruction manual. So that you can learn for example how to listen to an audio without being marked and this through an application.

How to talk to someone on WhatsApp without them seeing my profile picture

But with the trick that we will teach you to use, not only will you be able to hide your photo, you will also hide other interesting data or information. These can be your statuses, the time of your last connection and the section where the contact information appears. Then we must do the following, first delete or delete the contact that you do not want to see your photo.

The next step will be to use the Click to Chat option , this to open a direct message to your phone number. This option is present in the web version and in the version that you use on your mobile and allows you to send messages to people you do not know. Where you only have to use their phone number and messages are sent without having to add this contact.

Steps to talk to someone on WhatsApp without them seeing my profile picture

This is why the other person will not be able at any time to see your image, nor the data about the information that we already mentioned. But before this, we must make some settings in our WhatsApp account, to be able to hide the data. The first thing we are going to do is go to the platform settings and when we are inside we choose the Accounts option.

The next step is to click on the Privacy option and this is where we will choose the personal information that people may or may not see. By entering these settings you will select that only your contacts can see your personal information. This will be Last Time. Vez, Profile picture , Info and Status. All these options must be marked with My contacts.

The next step is the most important of all, you must go to the browser of your mobile, if you are in the web version, you go to the browser of your PC. And you are going to write the following address, instead of the telephone number you are going to write the number of the person to whom you are going to send a message.

It is important that you are clear that for this option to work you must not have the number to whom you are going to write saved within your contacts. Once this is done, a question will appear indicating if you want to send a message to the number you wrote. Then you must press or click on the Message button that will appear in green.

And voila, the platform will open, allowing you to write a message to the number you want and it will not be able to see the data that you have denied in the previous steps. You realize how simple it is, you just have to carefully follow the steps outlined in this tutorial so that you can  talk to someone on WhatsApp without them seeing my profile picture.


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