How To Take Rectal Temperature And Baby Temperature

How to take Rectal Temperature And body temperature. This is very important activity for every doctor, nurses and newbie young medical students.We have been writing about temperature topics before.Here are important guideline about how to measure rectal temperature.

Materials required

  1. Small tray with Rectal thermometer in container with Anti­septic solution like salon 1% or diluted Dettol 2. Container with Cotton. 3. Lubricant like vaseline or jelly or liquid paraffin. 4. Bowl with water. 5. Container with soap solution. 6. Paper bag.


  • Explain patient what you are going to do.
  • Position the patient on to his left side
  • Rinse the thermometer in water, wipe from stem to
  • Moisten a cotton swab with lubricant and lubricate the bulb
  • Separate the buttocks and slowly and gently insert the thermometer bulb for about 4 cm to 5 cm into anus.
  • Leave it to remain in for 3 minutes by holding the thermo­meter in place.
  • Remove and wipe it with cotton, read and record tempe­rature.
  • Wash in cold soap water and wipe with clean cotton or gauze.
  • Soak in 1 % savlon in container.

Contra indication of Rectal Temperature

  • Disease or rectum.
  • Disease of anal canal.
  • After surgery on rectum or anus.
  • Just after an enema..
  • After barium enema and X-ray.
  • Highly sensitive patients.

Indications of recording Rectal Temperature

Patients under 6 years of age.

  • Mental patient.
  • Unconscious patient.
  • Convulsive patient or during chills.
  • For accuracy of body temperature.

How To Take Rectal Temperature And Body Temperature,Every Doctor Must Know.

How To Take Temperature in Infants And Baby.

  • Temperature recording for small baby or infants need special mention due 10 inability of the infant to hold the thermometer in place. The correct method to record the temperature of infants is by rectal method. Next preference or commonly practicable method is by axilla or groin but NEVER by oral route.
  • Procedure
  • The thermometer should be grasped firmly while taking tem­perature as the baby can sake or move his extremities or even whole body being unaware of the act you are going to do.
  • Grasp also baby’s legs with one hand and hold buttocks to­gether with other hand.
  • In hospital ward more than one thermometer should be kept ready for taking temperature of numbers of infants.
  • Thermometer should be a rectal thermometer while going to record rectal temperature.
  • The baby can be put on both thighs of the mother/nurse with face down wards as shown in figure.
  • Lubricate the thermometer.
  • Clean the area around anus.
  • Insert 4.5′ cms into anus and leave it in place for two minutes.
  • The anatomical curvature of the rectum is towards the sac­rum. So the end of the thermometer should point away from sacrum.
  • Never allow the child alone with thermometer.
  • After two minutes, remove the thermometer, wipe with cotton and read the temperature.
  • Rinse the thermometer in soap solution and wipe, clean and dry with cotton, swab.
  • The temperature should be recorded in chart with mark ‘R.

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