How to take photos with a Polaroid easily?

As a photographer, it can be fun and rewarding to experiment with various photo formats , especially using Polaroid and film cameras.

Not only do photographers love the nostalgic look and unpredictable nature of the Polaroid , but the way the images are produced instantly is also an exciting perk.

Today we’re going to talk about Polaroid photography tips and tricks , so be it a beginner who wants to try the format firsthand, or even a more seasoned professional looking for more advice.

Practice digital first

One thing you may already know about Polaroid film is that it is becoming increasingly rare, with film packs for Polaroid cameras now costing a lot more than in the past.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that your basic knowledge of excellent image capture is up to date before investing your money in the format.

Get familiar with your Polaroid Camera

This is the same advice you would hear when using another camera for the first time, however, it is important to point out that a Polaroid camera is not like your SLR camera.

Lighting is everything

One of the aspects of Polaroid photography that most people tend to deal with is the lighting, along with the result that the photo is either too underexposed or overexposed.

Also known as too light or too dark. I might be so excited to capture an impressive summer scene, just then the image becomes so white that I can’t make out the theme.

Alternatively, an image that is in the shade of a tree may seem like a good idea at the time, but the final image can generate such dark shadows that the content of the photo cannot be seen.

Keep the cutouts in mind

Unlike other camera models, movie cameras like Polaroids generally can’t zoom, so you need to make sure you’ve already “cropped” the scene in the viewfinder before pressing the shutter button.

Get in close to your subject to get in or out a little bit more if you’re having trouble fitting the whole scene into the viewfinder. Don’t be afraid to play with the guide too !

Experience a different movie

While the film can be expensive (costs around $ 1 per Polaroid photo in its cheapest form), it can still be fun and worth mixing things up with various types of Polaroid films.

Sites like eBay and Amazon have a variety of interesting options , including everything from borders with designs and colors, to black and white or color film.

Be creative with your end result

One of the best things about Polaroid images is its small and portable size. Depending on the size of the film used, the images may be as small as a business card.

Instead of leaving your photos aside to forget them over time , why not embrace them in different ways? You can use your phone’s camera or another digital camera to capture an artistic image of your Polaroid.


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