How to take cover and roll in GTA 5? – Take cover in Grand Theft Auto 5

One of the primary means of accomplishing many missions is taking cover and rolling in GTA 5, a skill built into the game but hard to handle as well as dodging blows . It is necessary to know some things before going directly to the tutorial, we will explain them to you below.

What do you need to cover and roll in GTA 5?

First, to hide or cover yourself, you must be standing or crouching behind an object that can serve as protection. Means of protection include corners, low walls, boxes, or cars.

Depending on the console you are playing on, there are different buttons to make your character cover up easily . If you play on a computer, the default key is “Q”, for video game consoles you use, on Xbox “RB” and on PlayStation “R1”.

To roll, you must first be covered, as with the cover button, each platform has its own shape. If you’re playing on PlayStation, you need to aim and press square while turning the Left Joystick where you want to roll.

On the other hand, if you play on Xbox, the steps may be the same, but the button that allows the action is completely different. In this console, once covered you must press the “X” button , remember to move the Joystick.

How to cover and roll in GTA 5 during the game?

Well, now that you know the methods to achieve cover and roll , it is necessary to know how to apply them while playing, where they are really necessary. First of all, keep in mind that the sites that we are telling you may not work.

That is, not all sites can cover you, you have to test them quickly while playing. Considering that only some can allow you to roll or shoot, test these skills before you get into trouble.

To achieve coverage, you must take certain things into account, first, you must be pressed against the structure that is going to provide you with coverage. To do this, walk in the direction of the structure and press the cover key quickly.

This is the only way to ensure that you cover yourself correctly, being covered you can also shoot, you just need to aim first. To do this, press the right click, once you have aimed, you can shoot, keep in mind that by aiming you expose yourself to risk.

If you want to shoot without risking, you must press the button to shoot, this will make the character shoot without taking out the body. Keep in mind that it shoots from the side in the corners and over the top with boxes and cars.

In case you want to roll you will only need to repeat the steps that we explained above, it is something simple to do once you understand it. Finally, remember that to stop covering yourself you must walk the other way or press the cover button again.

Why is it necessary to cover and roll in GTA 5?

When you are on missions or playing a free game, cover can be essential to save yourself from the shots of the police or some enemies . You can also cover yourself so that someone stops following you or simply to shoot without being seen.

This SandBox style game is very open, you can play in all the ways you can think of and if you get the Online version you can play with friends. These skills are great, they give much more realism and possibilities to the game making it more fun.

Always remember to combine skills, especially when you need to be hidden, recharging while hiding is an ideal combination. Also, if you are playing with cheats or mods in GTA V, you can use this ability to quickly place some health or the best weapons. If you do not know which are the best Mods in GTA V enter here.

Hide, roll and shoot, a perfect combination to fight in this fun game, many times you will achieve objectives just by using this. Remember each move and you can take care of the shots and achieve all the power in GTA V.


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