How to Synchronize the Audio and Video of an MKV Movie File

The movies in MKV format have gained popularity for a few years, because they reproduce the files in high definition and offer the user Blueray quality completely free of charge; such has been its impact on current technology that Windows 10 has a native player for files of this format.

The MKV format is part of the Matroska free software family , along with the MKA formats for audios, MKS for subtitles, and MK3D for three-dimensional files, such as video games, animations, interactive books, among others; and it owes its name to the popular Russian doll “Matrioska”, the one that has several dolls inside another.

In software prior to Windows 10, which does not have a native player that supports the quality of MKV videos, it is necessary to download an application to play them, the same as for Mac OS , Linux and mobile phones, the most used being the VLC player, whose icon Traffic cone is more and more popular among users.

A movie in MKV can contain unlimited amounts of audio so that you can enjoy your movie in the language you prefer, it can also provide extra content that you will not find in AVI formats, an interactive menu, among other properties that make using it a very pleasant experience. for the most demanding.

You should take into account that when using these files, the more content they have, the heavier they will be and will occupy a greater amount of memory on your computer or electronic equipment, so you must make sure that you have a computer capable of working alongside the quality provided by Matroska software.

Some drawbacks that may arise.

Despite the fact that we have granted the most striking and functional characteristics of the Matroska software, the creators of such marvel do not escape problems, one of the most frequent being the desynchronization between the audio and the video of our film, sometimes far ahead of what that we are seeing, or very late.

Other problems that can arise is that because they are containers that are exceptionally capable of holding innumerable amounts of subtitles, audio and HD video quality, in many cases it is impossible to share them on social networks or play them on devices with little storage memory.

However, there are other applications capable of solving the first one that we mentioned, and thus allowing us to enjoy our movies or series uninterruptedly, with perfectly synchronized audio and video in a definitive way, quite the opposite of momentary solutions that some players offer us.

Synchronization between audio and video

The first thing you should do is enter the page, and download the MKVToolnix package, which, as its name implies, will give you a toolkit to modify and repair MKV files; once downloaded, run the program to complete its installation, then restart your computer when prompted.

Now with this application installed, we are ready to start the repair process of our MKV file , starting with running our preferred media player, and selecting the file that is out of sync; you must focus and determine the time offset between audio and video.

Use the option “Time Shift” or “Audio and Video Sync” to support yourself, and once that is done, you can start the MKVmerge . Once running, you click on Entry, and then on Add, which will allow you to find the file you want to repair and highlight it; the app will show you the tracks as separate parts.

Highlight the track that plays faster, if it is the audio that precedes the video, click on the file format, which can be MP3 or MP4A, on the other hand, if it is the video that precedes the audio, you must click in “AVC1” or “MPEG”, then go to “ Specific Format Options ”

There enter the number of milliseconds where the error is found, example: if the track precedes the other 7 seconds, it would be 7000, and if it is 5.6 seconds, 5600. Once done, click on examine, assign a name to the corrected file, and save, then click on ” Start Muxing ” and wait for the program to run, once it is finished, it will be synchronized.


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