How to sync Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 with Google Fit

Smart bracelets help us lead a healthier life, one of the best-known smartbands is the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 and today we will teach you how to synchronize your data with the Google Fit app .

Leading a healthier life is a concern of more and more people, which is why the market for smart watches and bracelets is increasingly wide thanks to the demand of different types of users.

We have already compared the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and Mi Smart Band 4 , and today we will show you the steps to follow to synchronize information such as steps walked, distance traveled, calories consumed … with Google Fit, the brand’s fitness application. of the seeker.

If we are users of a Xiaomi device beyond mobile phones, it is easy for us to be familiar with the Mi Fit app .

In this app all the data collected by the bracelet is stored , we can also configure our bracelet to activate or deactivate certain functions, so the first thing is to install it:

  • Download Mi Fit for Android
  • Download Mi Fit for iOS
  • Once we have the app, we must register .
  • Next, we will introduce everything about us such as weight, height, gender …
  • Then, we will click on the “+” located in the upper right, to synchronize the Mi Smart Band 4 bracelet with the mobile.
  • Once we have linked the device, we must go to the section of the app where it says “My profile”.
  • You probably already have Google Fit installed on your smartphone, but if not, you must download it and log in to later synchronize both applications:
  • Download Google Fit for Android
  • Download Google Fit for iOS
  • Next, and returning to the My Fit application, we will click on the “Add accounts” section and then on “Google Fit” .
  • At the bottom of the screen, the “Add to Google Fit” button will be shown again .
  • A pop-up window will appear, on which we will have to slide all the way to the bottom and click on “Allow” . For this window to work we must have Google Fit already associated with our Google account:

Of course, these applications are just two alternatives out of many, for example, there are apps focused on running for Android or iOS that may also interest us.

From now on, all the data collected in Mi Fit will be synchronized with the Google Fit application , so you can use the Mi Smart Band 4 and check your activity information without having to open Xiaomi’s own app.

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