How to Sync My Books from iPhone to iPad

The habit of reading is something that no person should give up. In books, you will have the possibility of finding extremely valuable information on any sector or field you need: from health, engineering, legal affairs, history and religions. As well as mathematics and the best stories told by internationally recognized writers whose writings have set a trend over many years.

However, the development of new technologies has caused many people to divert their attention from the incredible adventures and emotions that books keep . It is true, all these devices are a true marvel. But this is not reason enough to stop feeding the brain with books.

Apple encouraging reading

Many companies are aware of this situation. This is why they have made the necessary adjustments to offer, within the platforms of smart devices that make available to millions of people around the world, an innovative way to encourage them to read books.

One of the companies that has stood out the most in this initiative has been Apple. Who, through their devices (Mac, iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch and iPad), implements applications that contribute to the reading of digital books .

Let’s talk about iBooks

Whether you want to resume the habit of reading or, currently, it is difficult for you to continue since you cannot find the books you want physically, and also, you have an Apple device, you can download iBooks directly from the App Store.

This application that, originally, was a project that had to be part of the iPod for the management and purchase of music, ended up becoming a download manager. Now you can buy and read books in .epub and PDF formats through a download made by the browser or through the application platform.

Opportunities in iBooks

Thanks to this platform, you will have the opportunity to navigate in an ocean of books to acquire them for free or using the different payment methods accepted by the application.

For writers, the iBooks platform represents a great opportunity to get noticed. Since it delivers more than 200 codes for each book published on the platform.

Many times they are given promotional codes , which can be used at their convenience. It is highly recommended that they be distributed to people related to the media who can give a high level of dissemination to your book.

Read a book from wherever you want

iBooks is installed by default on both Mac and iPhone and iPad. So it will only be a matter of accessing the platform to download or buy the book that you like the most and start reading it.

Remember that you can download a book in .epub or PDF format from your device’s browser and open it through iBooks.

Synchronize your iPhone’s iBooks with your iPad’s

Now, a situation that has been presented to many people has been the following: they have the book downloaded on an iPhone, but they would prefer to read it through their iPad. What to do in these cases? To solve this situation, it is necessary to synchronize the application between both devices .

Fortunately, the steps to follow are extremely short. In this article, you will have the possibility to know this simple way to have your favorite books on either of the two devices.

Of course, to be successful, it is necessary that you have an internet connection . Essential element for the correct synchronization of both devices. Equally of the content that both may have stored.

  • Enter the configuration panel.
  • Locate iBooks in the list of applications and access its settings.
  • Activate both sync options.
  • Enter and activate (if applicable) iCloud.
  • Enable iCloud for iBooks.
  • Go to iBooks.
  • A box will ask if you want to use iCloud for iBooks, accept.

All your books on all your devices!

This procedure must be performed on both your iPhone and your iPad, that way, you can synchronize any book you have on your Mac or iPhone and it can be read on your iPad , or if not, you can also make your Mac read the texts in loud voice .


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