How to sync iPhone with your Mac through the Finder

With macOS Catalina a new era began. Apple decided to remove iTunes from its operating system or, rather, to disintegrate it into three separate applications: Music, Podcasts, and Apple TV. However, none of these apps can be used to sync iPhone or iPad with a Mac computer.

If you are one of those who used iTunes to synchronize your iPhone with your Mac, either occasionally or frequently, the Finder is the one who takes over. And it does so by integrating all the functions from this file explorer.

How to sync your iPhone or iPad on a Mac with the Finder

Those of Cupertino have not added any new service to make backup copies or transfer data between iOS devices and Mac computers, but everything is done from the Finder itself. Although it is a known feature, some users still wonder where and how to sync their iPhone with the Mac. In this tutorial we refresh it.

Although we have been using iTunes for years to backup and copy files from Apple smartphones and tablets, the truth is that the process has been simplified and made easier in Finder. We just have to connect the iPhone or iPad with cable to the computer and open a Finder window.

With any Finder window open, we will see that the device appears in the sidebar , within the “Locations” section. This section will show all the information related to the iPhone or iPad, such as synced music, videos and podcasts. To avoid always using the cable, we can activate the option “Show this iPhone with Wi-Fi connection.

The interface is very reminiscent of iTunes so that users familiar with the “extinct” program have no trouble adapting to the new method. We have the “Synchronize” button to start the process, as well as the bar broken down by colors to know what the internal storage of the device is occupied by.

This is macOS 12 Monterey: new functions to control the iPad from the Mac and Shortcuts for the desktop

And voila, we will not need to do anything else. With the most current versions of macOS, with macOS Monterey being the latest available, we can do without iTunes forever.

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