How to Sync Google Drive on PC

Google offers a file hosting service since 2012 through its Google Drive platform. This site is one of the best known and used worldwide thanks to its excellent performance and stability, in this post we will tell you in detail how to synchronize your contacts and content on this platform.

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  1. What is the use of having Google Drive installed?
  2. What is different about Google Drive computer version than the online version?
  3. How are contacts synchronized on the PC version?
  4. How do I check that I am properly synchronized?
    1. To the web
    2. In the PC

What is the use of having Google Drive installed?

Google Drive offers many benefits for its users, once you have it installed you can enjoy at least 15 GB of storage space in the cloud totally free. You can also expand that space if you purchase any of the payment plans it offers.

Google Drive has options so that in addition to storing your personal files, you can also create and synchronize with your contacts, text documents, spreadsheets and even presentations in a practical and simple way.

In addition, this integration also covers many of the applications that you have installed on your computer, you will be able to view, share and edit Microsoft Office files, PDF, CAD and more than 100 different file formats.

What is different about Google Drive computer version than the online version?

First of all, Google Drive for desktop is a version that works as the interface to access your Google Drive cloud storage, you will be able to see the files that you have in your personal storage to download and if you want to upload new files to synchronize them in your cloud, you just have to copy them to the folder you have assigned on your computer.

However, you will not be able to edit these documents or files while you have them downloaded to your computer, since they can only be edited while on the Google Drive online platform. Basically, Google Drive for desktop is used to have easy access to those documents that you need to consult quickly and to upload new files from your computer automatically.

On the other hand, Google Drive in its online version allows the editing of all the files that are stored in its folders within the cloud, each of the supported formats will be available to make changes and you can also upload new files to your personal storage quickly and simply. You can also create new files and share them with your contacts by granting permissions to the users you select via Gmail email.

How are contacts synchronized on the PC version?

If you want to synchronize your contacts that you have stored in Google Drive from your computer, you must go to your system settings , then enter “Accounts” and you must access “Email accounts and apps”, select the option “Add an account “and finally select the” Google “option from the accounts that are shown to you.

Once you follow these steps that we have just mentioned, you must enter your email address and your password , read the permissions you are giving to the application and press “Enable”, and finally to confirm the synchronization press “Done”.

When you have done all the previous steps you should go back to the configuration of your computer and look for the option “Accounts”, locate the option “Email and accounts” and enter the option “Manage” of the Google account that you just configured, at that time some additional options will be enabled such as “Calendar” and “Contacts”, the latter will be the one that you must enable to start the synchronization in your Google Drive account automatically.

If, on the other hand, what you want is to synchronize your personal files in the desktop version of Google Drive , what you should do is download it from the official website and install it in your computer.

When you do, log in with your Gmail account that you want to use for syncing. When you have your session open then you should go to the ” Personal Preferences ” section and look for the option called ” Connect now “, this will make it possible to connect your Google Drive account and thus enable the synchronization option.

Select a folder on your computer where you want the files that you have in your personal archive in the cloud to be stored , and you must also choose what permissions you want to give the app if you want it to show you a read-only version or you want to allow editing and changes in them.

Additionally, you can choose if you want to share these files with other Google Drive users in the ” File sharing ” option , adding their emails and assigning the permissions for each of them. You can even assign new owners for your files .

To upload a new file to your cloud, go to the ” Upload files ” tab , there you will see several upload options, one of them is ” Select from your computer “, this option will allow you to choose a file that you have on your computer and be able to Synchronize it in your cloud at the same time, select it and press the “Upload” button, wait for the file upload to finish and when it is ready you will be able to see it in Google Drive.

How do I check that I am properly synchronized?

Once you have completed the synchronization process, it is important to verify that all your files have been correctly synchronized to be sure that you will be able to access them at any time. This check can be done in two ways.

To the web

The first thing we must do is go to the official website of Google Drive and access with our email and password, once inside we can check that all the files that are synced with our desktop application will have a green “Check” in the upper right .

From here it only remains to verify that indeed all the files that we have placed in the local folder of our computer are the ones that have been uploaded and are marked in green, in the event that one is missing, we only have to execute the synchronization again for that missing file .

In the PC

Open your desktop application and in the navigation menu on the left you will see as a navigation menu all the folders that you have destined to be synchronized with your personal folder in the cloud. As in the case of the web version, each of the folders that have been correctly synchronized will have a green “Check” in the upper right corner, which indicates that that specific file or folder has been correctly synchronized in your Google Drive personal storage.

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