How to switch to DNS on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a console that has improved the experiences of many Nintendo users, with its dynamic gameplay modes and the new stages of its games, which ensure the fun and comfort of its players.

For a couple of years the Internet connection feature has been integrated into these consoles, so they sometimes have various common problems and errors in your system.

But everything is different if what causes the problem is the connection network, which can sometimes take longer than expected and even complicate the synchronization with the games, forums and downloads that everyone wants to perform within the console.

In case of witnessing this type of situation, one of the Internet plugins can help you. Its name is ” DNS Server ” and it can significantly improve your connection service.

Not sure if your Nintendo Switch has a DNS Server?

It may be that as you have tried to connect to the Internet, you will ever be able to hear about the DNS Server, as it is only one of the main Internet accessories.

Because your Nintendo Switch has this type of connection, it means that the console actually has this server , which can be modified in its entirety.

This server refers to the domain name system, whose main job is to interpret the IP address of each Internet site, in order to take you to the appropriate page you are looking for .

In the same way, they also function as private or alternative servers that are responsible for granting a specific function to the equipment that is being used at a specific time.

Main functions of alternate DNS servers

The number of alternative servers is very varied and seeks to modify the connection style provided by the main Internet system.

Each one characterized or determined for a function, are mainly in charge of improving and accelerating the speed , the privacy of the server, avoiding the blocking of the computer, granting security and even parental control.

Change DNS Server address to improve internet connection speed

In case you need to significantly increase the connection speed of your Nintendo Switch to create a family group or download an update , you should know that your console has the ability to change the address of this server.

Previously, it was mentioned that alternative DNS have a specific function, and in this case you need one that is capable of increasing the speed of your Internet.

The company Cloudfare was in charge of designing the appropriate server address for this type of purpose, which is known worldwide as ” “, which likewise also has greater privacy when browsing .

Modify the DNS within the Nintendo Switch

Inside the main screen of your Nintendo you will be able to find the icon of a nut that indicates the “System Configuration” of the console, where obviously you will find the connection and configuration options of your Internet network.

Depending on the connection style you make with your console, either through wired or wireless networks, you will be able to enter its “Settings” to find the ” DNS Configuration “.

You must manually change the information contained within this configuration, which must be replaced by the Cloudfare data as follows:

  • The Primary DNS must be changed to “ ”.
  • The Secondary DNS is replaced by ” “.

In the end, you just have to save the changes and make sure that what you have modified remains within the DNS server settings of your Nintendo Switch.

Once the change has been confirmed and verified, you can choose to test the speed with which the connection manages to access various online platforms through the console, trying to run a download, or specifying the tasks with which you previously had problems.

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