How to switch tabs with the keyboard in Google Chrome if I can’t?

The use of technology has become common for all people, accessing the internet and looking for any information or entering a site we do it commonly. Thanks to programs that are responsible for making these tasks increasingly easier for us.

Knowing a little more about the ways in which we can handle the different tools, which allow us to perform tasks such as browsing the internet or programs of some kind, is very important. This will help us a lot to make the process we carry out better and better.

On the other hand, tools such as web browsers we use very often, they give us the opportunity to access the internet in a very practical way. They offer us tools and options which we can manipulate and make the experience more pleasant.

How to switch tabs with the keyboard in Google Chrome if I can’t?

Currently there are many web browsers that are available, it is best to study each of them a bit and choose the one that best suits our needs. One of the most used today around the world is Google Chrome .

This program was officially launched in 2008 by the Google company, its functionality and features have positioned it as one of the best browsers on the market. Today many people use Google Chrome as their default browser.

This is thanks to the fact that Chrome is a program that is constantly updated to offer an increasingly better service to its users. Its general interface as well as the tools it offers are very good and make the experience of browsing the internet excellent.

It is available for multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux among others. Best of all, we can download it for free, which makes it even better for us.


Google Chrome has remained in the abyss for being a program that offers very advanced features , which allow us to navigate in a very orderly way. Its functionality is so wide that it is common to ignore some of its characteristics.

Chrome gives us the option to perform actions that may be common to us through commands that we can execute from the keyboard of our computer. Knowing what these commands are will make the browsing experience that much better.

We will be able to perform actions that are usually tedious, in a very simple way, perform movements such as changing the tab with the mouse we can do it with the keyboard. Knowing this helps a lot if we have any problem with the operation of our mouse.

Switch tabs with the keyboard in Google Chrome

If what we want to do is change the tab and for some reason we cannot do it, we do not have to worry. Just by following the steps indicated below, we can do it through our keyboard.

Already being in Google Chrome and with the tabs open, to change to another tab what we must do is place the Ctrl key on our keyboard. Once located, we press the Tab key simultaneously .

Ready, in this way we will have changed to the next tab. If we want to continue changing tabs, what we must do is repeat the same action until we reach the tab we want.

Other commands that may interest you

There are many actions that we can execute using our keyboard to control the Google Chrome program. For example, pressing the Ctrl key and holding down N will automatically open a new tab .

Another command that we can execute is to close the tab in which we are currently. To do this we press the Ctrl key and in turn we press the W key , in this way the page will be closed.

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In this way, you can perform different actions on your computer, just using the keyboard. Without a doubt, it is a more practical and simple way to perform different actions.


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