How to suspend motorcycle insurance

Winter, work transfers, an accident… these are situations that often have one thing in common: the impossibility of using your own bike . Yet, even in these conditions, if the insured does not agree with his insurance company a suspension of the motorcycle insurance , the policy will continue to be paid for not having any substantial protection.

Well, it is precisely to avoid the aforementioned conditions that for some time many insurance companies have begun to offer specific flexible coverage, with the possibility of requesting the suspension of the insurance . But how does this option work? How can it be activated?

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How to suspend the motorcycle insurance policy

How to reactivate the policy


How to suspend the motorcycle insurance policy

The first thing to do in order to request the suspension of the motorcycle insurance policy is to send a specific application to your insurance company. It is enough to do it… following the modalities that are offered by it. In case of doubt, a registered letter with return receipt will certainly be the best way to proceed or, alternatively, a certified e-mail message.

We also remind you that the suspension request – unless otherwise agreed with your insurance company – must be justified, thus indicating the reason why you intend to suspend coverage.

In principle (but this condition could also be the subject of a negotiated contractually agreed), the suspension can last between one and three months . Actually, however, there is no shortage of even more flexible insurance coverage hypotheses, which allow the motorcyclist to benefit from an extended suspension of up to six months.

It is obvious that, during the period in which the liability insurance policy is suspended… our favorite two-wheeler must not be used! In fact, the motorcycle will not be provided with suitable and compulsory insurance coverage at this time and, therefore, the only thing that will be possible to do is keep it safe in your garage.

Warning: the motorcycle must never be moved, and never parked on the street. In the event of violations of these obligations, the insured (or former insured!) Could face the severe penalties provided for by law.

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How to reactivate the policy

Once the suspension period has ended, at the request of the same policyholder, the policy can be reactivated . As can be guessed, this reactivation will result in the return of the previously interrupted guarantees for the insured: it follows that the motorcyclist will finally be able to resume full use of his motorcycle, moving it on the road and using it on public land.

As regards the procedures for reactivating the policy, the contract can be reactivated in the same way in which it was suspended, or following the instructions of the insurance company. If in doubt, it will be possible to proceed with this operation by sending a registered letter with return receipt, or by sending a certified e-mail message.

However, there are some guidelines that we recommend to all our readers to follow:

  • the insurance coverage cannot be reactivated before the minimum period of suspension of the policy;
  • the insured must wait for a reply from his own company, which must issue the new insurance certificate;
  • it follows that from the moment of the request for the reactivation of the coverage to the moment in which the motorbike can be used again, it could take a few days. It is therefore good to move in advance!


On the sidelines of the above, it is clear that when you agree with your insurance company the possibility of activating a suspension of the policy, the advantages are numerous: you can in fact save a part of the premium by giving up the motorcycle in the coldest periods of the year or when, in any case, we are sure we cannot use it.

A flexibility clause that – we are sure – could be of particular use and benefit to many of our “centaur” readers!


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