How to suspend an Instagram account

Step-by-step guide on how to temporarily deactivate your Instagram account.How to suspend an Instagram account.

Next we will teach you how to suspend an Instagram account , a solution that will allow you to give yourself a break in said social network without having to delete or delete your account permanently. And if for one reason or another want to temporarily disable your account on Instagram , no one can access your profile and publications while remaining inactive; In addition, to return to your normal activity, recover your account and make it visible to everyone again, you will only have to log in again . Do not miss how to temporarily suspend an Instagram account step by step and how to reactivate it.

How to temporarily suspend your Instagram account

Index of contents

  • How to temporarily suspend an account
  • How to reactivate a suspended account

How to temporarily suspend an account./How to suspend an Instagram account

Thus, if you want to temporarily deactivate your Instagram account, you will have to access your profile from the official Instagram website , since it is not possible to complete this process from the Instagram mobile app. Therefore, you will have to access Instagram through an internet browser, although the steps are very simple and will not take more than a few minutes.

Follow the steps below to temporarily deactivate your Instagram account:

  1. The first step is to access the official Instagram website .
  2. Enter your access data, that is, email and password, as long as you do not have automatic login activated .
  3. Once inside your profile, click on the user iconlocated at the top right of the screen.
  4. Now click on the entry Edit profilenext to your username.
  5. Within the profile editing options menu you will see your personal data; next to them the option Temporarily deactivate my account will appearin blue.
  6. Click on the option Temporarily deactivate my accountto start the process of deactivating your account.
  7. Choose the reason why you want to deactivate your Instagram account from the various options available in the drop-down tab.
  8. Now enter your Instagram passwordto identify yourself.
  9. Finally, you only have to click on the button Temporarily disable the accountin red.

Upon completion of this process, your Instagram account will be deactivated , so your profile, data, publications, comments and likes will be automatically hidden from everyone .

How to reactivate a suspended account

If for whatever reason you have deactivated your Instagram account and want to reactivate it to recover all your content and the account in general, you will only have to log in again to recover your suspended Instagram account .


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