How to survive in NEST 2 in Resident Evil 3 Remake

We tell you how to survive in NEST 2 in Resident Evil 3 Remake. With our help and a little luck, you can survive the zombie apocalypse.The sub-basements of the hospital have turned out to take us directly to the basement of the city. Lower and lower, stranger and stranger. What is the secret that Umbrella tries to hide under Raccoon City? The answer is in the NEST 2 lab.

How to survive in NEST 2 in Resident Evil 3 Remake

Get the vaccine

Advance by the only possible path. The door to your right is closed, but the one at the back is a secure room . Inside you’ll find Quality Gunpowder , a Green Herb, and the Employee Standards (NEST 2) document . When you pick it up, you will also pick up the NEST 2 Map . Personally, at this point we recommend you start burning gunpowder if you haven’t done it before . That is, start creating ammunition for the magnum (consume the quality Gunpowder for this before for the shotgun), pistol and fire grenades (Explosive A + B) that you can. You should have reserves to use the shotgun if you want.

Go up the ladder next to the room and go left, heading west. The corpse by the door is a zombie . At the bottom of this cul-de-sac there will be another zombie next to a wooden box and the note Diary of Isaac Graves . Then go down the main hall and open the door. In the southeast corner you will find quality Gunpowder and in the southwest, Pistol Ammunition . In the central part, to the west, you will see the machine to create the vaccine , which we will not be able to do yet.

Pick up the document On the synthesis of the vaccine from one of the stretchers next to the machine . Now interact with the machine with the green screen in the northeast corner . After a short sequence, you will get the Override Key . Before leaving the area, destroy Charlie on the balcony .

Go down the stairs and use it to open the closed door to the hall.

Be careful when entering : a zombie will attack you from the right, but the worst thing is that three pale heads will come , one crawling from where the zombie came and another walking from the same direction, and another will go down the stairs. When you’re done with them, don’t go upstairs. Take the Shipping Certificate from the table at the foot of the stairs and go to the other end of this ground floor to find Explosive A , Shotgun Shells , a Green Grass, and a door. As soon as you open it, turn right and take the Dying Scientist Message from the corpse .

In one corner of this room there is a Red Herb , near it Gunpowder and, in a briefcase by the railing, Acid Grenades . Go down the stairs. Rounding the corner below them, take out a zombie and push the machine with the red light . Before continuing, when you turn around you should see a briefcase with a First Aid Spray . Then continue through the door you just unlocked.

Behind the first cylinder there is a case with Explosivo B . Use the elevator at the bottom to go up. A zombie, a pale head and two tentacle-zombies will come out on the railing, from the back door , so watch out. From the briefcase you’ve probably seen the bottom can collect more Explosivo B . Then go into the small laboratory and eliminate one more zombie . On a table you will see the Note of concern . From a box in the corner you will get more Explosive A , next to it there will be gunpowder and in the cupboard with the green light is the Sample of adjuvant .

As you go back to the safe room to reorganize your inventory, just what you think will happen. In the corridor of tubes with specimens, four Hunters will attack you , in pairs. If you have enough firepower do not try to run away, kill them

With some more hallway space, go back to the hallway room of the safe room, and this time go up the stairs that a pale head lowered down. You will reach a room where the zombie in the background will rise . When the area is safe, interact with the machine and collect the Antigen Sample . On the table on the left you will find the Weapons Authorization . Next to him there is Gunpowder . Now open the door and you will reach the area behind the boxes in the upper hall. Besides Pistol Ammo there is a Mr. Charlie .

Now with the adjuvant and antigen, go back to the machine room. Beware of the pale head that will try to surprise you, falling from a hole in the room before the corridor. If you hurry, you can pass by. Combine the adjuvant and the antigen to get the Base Vaccine and put it in the machine. Now you will have to solve a puzzle : it consists of seeing how much percentage each button goes up, and getting all three to mark 50.

  • Left: MID.
  • Center: HIGH.
  • Right: LOW.

Upon completing the puzzle, take the Vaccine .

Escape the facilities

After the sequence, proceed by the only possible path. Follow the onscreen instructions to survive. You will arrive at a safe room with various objects to collect and prepare . Get out all the heavy ammo you have for the grenade launcher, but take your pistol fully loaded (you shouldn’t need ammo). Save the game in case what you prepare now is not enough. You can pick up the Waste Center note by the door . Now go through that door.

To your left, on the walkway, there is a briefcase with Fire Grenades . Then go downstairs to watch a sequence.

Defeat the creature

Once again, we face Nemesis. Your attacks will be the same as in the clock tower . Shoot a few times and you will see a sequence. What you must do now is, first of all, eliminate the two zombies and wait for Carlos to tell you the number of the tank he is hiding behind . When you know, take out the gun and shoot the red light (s) on that tank . That will bring down Nemesis, at which point you can shoot him through the heart.

When you’ve done enough damage to it, it will stay in front of the tanks, not behind, and you won’t have time to eliminate the zombies . You focus on the red lights, Carlos takes care of the rest and Nemesis himself kills the zombies. You have to be attentive when he runs through the walls: if Carlos says “Watch out!” is that it will jump on you directly, without grabbing onto a tank. If on the ground you see that it raises the tentacle, shoot a grenade , or it will make a multiple attack with the tentacle quite bad to dodge. Keep attacking until it falls.

Continue on the only possible path and collect the items from the safe room. Take the Technical Sheet document from one of the shelves. Take out the magnum with all the ammunition you have or can create and continue until you see a sequence: the bug is back.

Turn around at the start of the fight and grab the FINGeR for a good spanking. Then you will have to shoot the bulbs of a lighter color that it has on both sides of the body, so that it falls to the ground and you have time to push the batteries without crushing your head.

When you manage to reload the FINGeR, fire again and follow the on-screen instructions to give the spawn a bloody kill. Then go through the remains of the bug and turn right to reach a ladder. When going up, before crossing the door, look on the ground , right next to him, to read On a Suspicious Contract , the last document of the game. Go the only way possible until you see the end of the game . Make sure to shoot when directed.

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