How to subscribe and register to Apple Arcade step by step

For fans of video games the way they are played is everything, since when a game is not very accessible, has poor controls and is too expensive it can change how many new players it attracts.

How to Subscribe and Register to Apple Arcade Step by Step

This also applies to the platforms that are used to be able to access the games , since when a console has a bad online platform or when the platform from which a game is downloaded is poor, you can end up having a very bad experience general.

This is why many gamers have been extremely critical of the way certain platforms are managed and function, such as the Epic Games Store, or they have praised the way others work as with Steam.

This has caused many companies to seek to have a decent and stable platform through which people can download and play games.

In turn, many companies have taken note of how large the market is and the attention to detail that is in it, so many great people in the computer industry have wanted to participate in it, as Google did with Google Stadia .

And, shortly after Google entered the video game web services industry, Apple wanted to come together, bringing Apple Arcade to market in 2019. Since its departure, many people have seen the great advantages that come with its use and fun games that can be accessed.

For this reason, many people have sought to subscribe and start enjoying everything that Apple Arcade brings to its users. And if this is something that interests you, then stay with us, since then we will talk about everything you need to know about Apple Arcade and how to subscribe and register .

Why Apple Arcade?

Since Google Stadia hit the market, there has been a change in how people consume the products of the video game world. Google Stadia changed a lot in the industry, seeking to be pioneers of games that can be played from a cloud, which has found mixed reviews but with the same desire to continue improving the service.

Apple, for the latter, has wanted to try its luck in the market in the form of Apple Arcade, a video game subscription service . However, it has proven to be a bit less creative than Google Stadia, but with some changes to the Google format that can be a bit attractive to certain people.

With only paying about $ 5 per month, you can stay within this service that consists of access to a wide collection of incredible video games without advertising or any hassle.

Also, you can play them on your iPadOS, macOS and tvOS devices And because the same account is shared, the progress you make is saved from device to device.

Subscribing to Apple Arcade

In order to subscribe to Apple Arcade and have access to all its video games, you must have your Apple device with the latest version of iOS , so make sure you download it, and once you have everything ready you can start with the following step by step:

  • Start by opening the App Store , within which you can find the “Arcade” tab , so enter it to see the offer that Apple has for you if you subscribe. Remember that if this offer does not appear on the screen, you just have to try to download any Apple Arcade game and that’s it. And you can even download games that don’t need an internet connection .
  • Now, you just have to follow the steps that appear on the screen, entering your Apple ID and your password so that you can start a free trial. Finally, confirm the payment method and accept the terms of conditions to be able to start downloading and playing all the games you want.


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