How to study astronomy: face-to-face and online

Have you ever wondered how to study astronomy? Do you want to learn astronomy or dedicate yourself professionally to astrotourism? There are many options for studying astronomy, although the alternatives may vary depending on the country in which you live. But let’s try to shed some light on this issue. Next, we tell you how to study astronomy officially in Spain or how to study astronomy online from anywhere in the world.

Astronomy is not a university degree

No. Although many people are surprised to find out, astronomy is not a college career as such. Although in other countries it may be, in Spain there is no official astronomy degree. But, if there is no degree in Astronomy, how can one become an astronomer in our country?

There are at least two university majors through which you can study astronomy: physics and mathematics . In the first case, physics students can specialize in astrophysics, which will give them a broad knowledge of the cosmos and the laws of physics that govern the Universe. For its part, through mathematics, you can take some subjects related to astronomy such as “astronomy and geodesy” or “celestial mechanics”. This second path is not so specialized and is not usually the most advisable for those who want to study astronomy.

Professional observatories

The Spanish Astronomy Society offers a university studies search engine to learn astronomy in Spain. In it you will find the different Universities that offer university degrees related to astronomy and postgraduate degrees specialized in astrophysics, space sciences or even astrobiology. Among all of them, the Master in Astronomy and Astrophysics of the International University of Valencia stands out. This Master (online) can be accessed not only through the Degree in Physics but also through various engineering, mathematics, biology or geology.

In either case, there is a great theoretical base, but the practical part is quite scarce. Thus, after graduation, most students will not know how to operate a telescope or locate the Andromeda Galaxy. After all, astronomy, in addition to a professional career, can also be considered a hobby.

Astronomy as a hobby

Astronomy is still a hobby, such as photography or bird watching. In fact, a large part of the knowledge is acquired in the same way as in other hobbies: reading, practicing and sharing it with other people.

At AstroAfición we are dedicated to astronomy from a playful point of view. In our courses and observations we teach practical aspects such as the use of the telescope or astrophotography techniques , but also more theoretical aspects of stellar evolution or planetary formation. We understand astronomy as a hobby with a high scientific, human and social component . Studying star formation is fine, but looking at the Orion Nebula through a 30- or 40-cm aperture telescope makes you shudder and better understand how stars form.

Study astronomy online

Another option is to study astronomy online. The offer of online courses is very limited and that is why we have created a platform dedicated to online training in astronomy .

In this virtual platform you will find different online astronomy courses , from basic astronomy and observation courses for beginners to more advanced courses in astrotourism or monographs focused on different branches of astronomy. We have many ideas and projects to offer you different online astronomy courses. Little by little we will expand the offer of astronomy courses.

Astronomy Online Courses

The Online School of Astronomy currently has two thematic courses aimed at different audiences. We started with these two, but more courses will be available soon.

Online Course of Initiation to Astronomy

Learn astronomy through the internet with this Online Astronomy Course . Get started in observing the sky and discover the universe from the hand of professional popularizers.

More than 25 video lessons, divided into these five topics:

Topic 1: The sky with the naked eye
Topic 2: Celestial Mechanics
Topic 3: Astronomical observation
Topic 4: The sky through the telescope
Topic 5: Optical instruments

Do you want to discover more about the Universe? Would you like to learn to look at the sky and recognize the stars and constellations in the sky? Do you want to discover a new hobby? This course is aimed at anyone with an interest in astronomy and space , and it is not necessary to have previous knowledge on the subject.

The Online Astronomy Course begins now!

AstroTurismo course for professionals and entrepreneurs

Do you want to dedicate yourself professionally to astrotourism? Do you have a business and would you like to incorporate astronomical tourism into your offer? Are you a tour guide and would you like to learn how to work with the starry sky resource?

The Astrotourism Course for professionals has 6 masterclasses, success stories from companies in the sector, invited professionals, personalized tutoring sessions and guided exercises for you to start your own business.

Topic 1: Astronomical tourism
Topic 2: The sky as a tourist resource
Topic 3: Astronomical dissemination
Topic 4: The astro- tourism company
Topic 5: Meteorology
Topic 6: Activity management

The opportunity you have been waiting for to turn your passion into your way of life.

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Astronomy career paths

As they say, the main outings for physics students are: by land, by sea and by air. Although, unfortunately, this has quite a part of the truth, the career paths of these careers are diverse. Undoubtedly, the best known is that of a  researcher , in which case the astronomer will dedicate himself to the study of the Cosmos in its purest sense. But it is not the only way out.

Although to a lesser extent, professional astronomers may also end up working as science teachers or journalists . In fact, it is common for these professional opportunities to be developed jointly, allowing the tasks of researcher to be combined with those of disseminator. Finally, the knowledge acquired in this type of career can be extrapolated to many other areas, which explains why many students end up in public positions, computer science, data analysis, banking, etc.


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