How to straighten and fix teeth in Photoshop fast and easy?

Everyone wants to show off a perfect smile in photographs, so knowing how to fix teeth in Photoshop is a task that you cannot stop learning to do .  And you can not only change the color and remove any annoying stain from your teeth, you can also straighten them, and without any orthodontic work!

Have the best image

Before you can fix teeth in Photoshop you must make sure you have the best possible quality in the image in which you will proceed. To do this, and if you do not have it digitized, you must scan your photograph in the highest resolution because, this way, you will have access to greater details, which is always useful when editing images.

In this sense, you can experiment by increasing said image 300 or 400%, and you could even increase the number of pixels available per inch, for example, with values ​​such as 200 or 300.

Start fixing teeth in Photoshop

Following the editing process, you must open the file of the scanned image and avail yourself of the form “Zoom In” or ” Approach “, which is in the editing drop – down menu to get close to the teeth.

Now, you have to choose the tool called “Magnetic Lasso” , with which you can close all the gaps that exist between the teeth, which will be necessary to be able to straighten them.

You have to drag your mouse and cursor just around the edge of the gums and teeth that are located to the left of the hole. And yes, it has to be exactly like this for the outline of the selection to fit the perimeter of the bridge . In the event that with this tool you select more than what you want to work with, try decreasing the tolerance it uses.

Use specific layers

This will make it much easier for you to fix teeth in Photoshop, in fact, it is best that you do it in the following way.

Create the layers

Press “Ctrl + J” so that what you have chosen is copied into a new layer, so it is advisable to rename it according to whatever element it is. You should repeat this procedure as many times as necessary, for example, doing on the right side of the bridge, and naming it accordingly.

Work with layers

While on the left element layer, hold down the “Ctrl T” keys so that you can access the “Free Transform” instrument 

With this you must very carefully drag the center of the continuous box to the right, so that, when manipulating it, you can narrow what you have selected so that it is, more or less, halfway and towards the other tooth.

Do the same procedure, but with the layer that you have assigned to the right bridge, only then will you get the teeth you are editing to look perfectly aligned and you will get rid of the gap that existed.

Correct each tooth, if they are crooked

You must correct each tooth separately, that is, each element that is crooked. And, whenever you select one you must press “Ctrl + T” to enter the “Free Transform” instrument .

With it, keep your cursor in a corner and until you see a curved date with which you can turn the tooth in question and place it so that it is straight, you can even use the arrow keys on your keyboard to be able to correctly adjust the position

Eliminate leftover items

With the “Background Eraser” tool , which you will find in the toolbar, you have to go over the lateral edges of the specific layers of the bridges to be able to eliminate any pixel that is left over and that could damage or hinder the work you have done and the new look.

You also have to choose both layers and opt for the “Merge layers” mode , which is located in the palette menu for layers.

Remember to save it!

When finished, remember to save your file after fixing teeth in Photoshop. In this sense, there is a command called “Save for web”, with which you can create a JPEG element that you can easily share.


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