How to stop update downloads in Windows 10?

Sometimes the computer becomes slow or requires an unexpected restart when downloading updates in Windows 10. This occurs when some files are large and Windows Update performs automatic downloads. If you wonder how to pause or stop update downloads in Windows 10? , then this article will be very useful for you.

On the other hand, if you have problems such as Windows Update looking for updates , remember that we have guides to solve this and other problems. Still, for now we will focus on stopping Update updates.

How to pause or stop update downloads in Windows 10?

Windows Update downloads system updates by default. However, some users find that the process is slow and requires one or more restarts that can interrupt their activities. For this reason, they prefer to disable the function to prevent the search and download from being performed automatically.

Next, we explain what Windows updates consist of , their usefulness and how to stop this function in Windows 10.

What are Windows updates?

Windows updates refer to news and improvements offered by Microsoft to its users. These improvements are aimed at the quality and performance of the system and are therefore necessary and timely.

Windows updates can allow you to take advantage of tools such as voice assistants, new options for managing notifications, additional services, and greater security guarantees.

What are Windows updates for?

Windows updates are used to resolve vulnerabilities in the operating system. In this way, we can protect our computers against virus, malware and spyware attacks, as well as software errors.

Is it convenient to install Windows updates?

Yes, it is convenient that you install the updates that Microsoft offers from time to time in order to avoid instabilities in the operating system. Additionally, updates can check for outdated drivers to avoid errors or crashes during their execution.

As Windows is a system that has vulnerabilities, it is necessary to download and install updates to maintain a more secure software, although it will not be completely free of flaws.

In any case, it would be best for you to be aware of how much Windows 10 updates weigh , so that you will never run out of space.

 What is Windows Update?

Windows Update is a tool that works like a Windows module. This module obtains all the information of the system and offers important and optional updates for the equipment.

One of the peculiarities of Windows Update is that it not only searches for updates but also downloads them if you have configured this action in the system. However, it is possible to stop or pause updates if you consider that they are slowing down your computer or if you do not have an optimal internet connection.

Procedure to pause or stop update downloads in Windows 10

If you want to pause or stop the update downloads in Windows 10, you need to access the local group policy editor to follow the steps that we present below.

Enter the local group policy editor

To access the local group policy editor you must go to the magnifying glass icon (on the taskbar) or “Search Windows” and type the following command: gpedit.msc. A window or editor will open where you will see a group of directories on the left side of the panel.

Modify Windows Update settings

Locate the directory “Administrative Templates” within the “Local Computer Policy.” Then select “Windows Components.” If you unfold this folder, you will see “Windows Update”.

To the right of the panel, there is a group of inputs. Find and double click on “Configure Automatic Updates . ” A window will open with three options: “Not configured”, “Enabled” and “Disabled”.

Select “Disabled” and click the “OK” button As a result, update downloads will stop on Windows 10 system, which might be desirable in various circumstances.

Another option you might consider is to remove the Windows 10 update screen , which could come in handy if you’re looking for it.


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