How to stop the race in Madden 22

Stopping the race at Madden 22 is as crucial as it has been in any previous game in the series. While playing against the CPU tends to be more predictable with the races they will attempt to do, playing against other players online on MUT or with normal teams is a completely different ball game. They will continually go through your defense and rack up huge amounts of points if you can’t stop specific games. In this guide, we are here to explain how to stop a race in Madden 22 .

How to stop the race in Madden 22

Prepare your defense

The main thing you need to do to effectively stop a run is to make sure you have the right defensive players on the field. If you don’t, your opponent’s offensive players can wreck your defense.

Signs that your opponent is about to flee

The other thing you need to make sure you are doing is identifying the signs that the race is coming. Most of the time, your opponent will try to increase his number of TEs (Tight Ends) on the court. When two or three are added to your roster, it should be an indicator that the run is coming from your opponent.

Likewise, your opponent can also stick his butt out. This is another indicator that your opponent is about to run. The rear can be used to block, or if you only have a short run, you can take the ball on your own. In these cases, be sure to prepare for a run in the middle, as this is probably where you will be exploited.

Avoid and stop running in Madden 22

The safest defensive option you can make when trying to stop a run is to set up your defense in a 4-4 division with a blitz if your opponent has a lot of TEs on the field.

The other thing to keep in mind is whether your opponent has a preferred direction in which he prefers to run. If you’ve noticed that they prefer to play on the left, for example, take control of one of your linebackers on that side and make sure they fill in the gaps your opponent is likely to have. 39; try to aim.

On the other hand, it is also possible that your opponent will call for a whistle due to the way he lines up his defense. If this happens, you have to be prepared to react quickly, otherwise you will be caught off guard. This is why you need to be very careful before summoning an all-out bombardment. A talented player will absolutely react by turning it into a passing game and it could get really ugly, very quickly.

However, at the end of the day, racing is powerful in the hands of a good player, and even a perfectly planned defense can break down. It will take practice to get really good at stopping the race while playing online.

There you need how to stop running in Madden 22 . For more tips, tricks, and answers to frequently asked questions, search for dlprivateserver for Madden 22.

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