How to stop sharing Reminder lists on our iPhone, iPad or Mac

he Reminders app on our iPhone, iPad or Mac offers us many more functions than we might think. It allows us to remember errands to do, lists of books we want to read , shopping items, or simply to write down pending tasks. And, in addition, it allows us to share the lists with other people . But what do we do when we want to stop sharing them?

How to stop sharing a Reminders list

One of the easiest ways is to simply delete the list entirely. By deleting it from our device, it will stop being shared and will be removed from the devices of the people we invite. But if what we want is to keep the list and eliminate the access of someone in particular, the steps are as follows.

On our iPhone or iPad

  1. We open the Remindersapp .
  2. On our iPhone, if we are in a specific list, we touch Lists, in the upper left, to return to the view of all the lists.
  3. We enter the list that we want to delete or edit.
  4. We touch the button in the form of three points in the upper right part.
  5. Click on See participants.
  6. We slide from right to left on the person in question and touch Delete.

On our Mac

  1. We open the Remindersapp .
  2. In the View menu we choose Show Sidebar(if it appears).
  3. We right-click on the list we want to share and choose Add person.
  4. We click on the button with three dots on the right side of the name of the person in question.
  5. We choose Remove access.

And now?

The person or persons we have chosen will no longer have access to the shared list and it (along with all its content) will be removed from all their devices instantly . Thanks to the synchronization with iCloud we can be sure that, once the list is deleted, it disappears completely.


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Being able to share a list of reminders is very useful . And knowing how to stop sharing it if necessary is, if possible, even more important. When we need it we will know how to do it.


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