How To stop Google from showing my Facebook profile?

To facilitate the increase of the circle of friends, the social network Facebook lets you search for other users by placing their name in the search bar of the platform. This option is also very useful to locate certain groups within Facebook and is also included in the main functions of other networks such as Instagram.

The following will explain why Google search engines place your Facebook account on searches and what to do to remove your account from those results. Apart from this, we will show you what other things will be hidden within your profile when you remove the profile from Google results.

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  1. Why does Google show my Facebook profile when searching for my name?
  2. What can I do to stop Google from showing my Facebook profile?
    1. From the computer
    2. Using the mobile app
  3. What other things will be hidden from my Facebook profile when making it private?

Why does Google show my Facebook profile when searching for my name?

Google search engines place your profile in the results of certain searches that others carry out because this makes it easier for others to find you . Believe it or not, there are always people who want to send you friend requests, but they don’t know what your name is.

Maybe someone always sees you when you walk down the street and wants to follow you on Facebook but doesn’t know your name . Then Facebook includes in searches the profile of all users, in this way it is easier for those who want to add you. In case you didn’t know, this type of search can only be done by people who have a Facebook account.

Although it is true that the search is done from the Google browser, that person has to log in to their Facebook in order to see the profile of the user who appeared in the search. These searches can be done only from Google and from Facebook. If you try to do a search of this type from Facebook Messenger you will not get results.

What can I do to stop Google from showing my Facebook profile?

For privacy rights issues that all Facebook users have, the platform allows you to remove your Facebook profile from these search results . The process to do this type of thing will always change depending on the device from which you always access Facebook.

However, pay attention to the steps that must be taken to remove your Facebook profile from the search results using a PC or a phone.

From the computer

With the computers you must enter your Facebook account from the official website of the platform . When you have logged into your account, you must:

  1. Press the short arrow icon next to the bell icon
  2. When the extra options are displayed, click on the one that says ‘Settings / Privacy’
  3. After entering ‘Settings / Privacy’ select the ‘Settings’ section
  4. Within the ‘Settings’ section you will be shown multiple options, you choose the one that says ‘Privacy’ which is on the left hand side of your monitor
  5. Then, look for the heading ‘How others can find you’ so that you go on to select an option that says ‘You want search engines to place your profile in the results’
  6. When you see that option edit the configuration and put ‘No’

In this way you will get your profile from Google and Facebook results. Since you know how to remove your profile from Facebook searches from the web, you just need to learn how to remove it using the application for mobile phones . It should be noted that if you want to see the publications of a person on Facebook and they have not accepted your friend request, then start following them .

Using the mobile app

With the application for mobile phones you also have to enter the settings of the Facebook account, pay attention to the things you must do:

  • Login to your account
  • Press the icon of the three lying lines that is in the corner of the app
  • Enter the ‘Settings’ section that is at the bottom of the list of all sections
  • There, in the configuration, look for the section ‘How other people can locate you’ and press it
  • Then, disable the option that says ‘Do you want your profile to be entered in search engines?’ unchecking the box and clicking on ‘Save’

This is the easiest way to remove your Facebook profile from the search engines regardless of whether it is professional or normal. In case one day you want to activate this option again, you would only have to repeat everything mentioned above and re-check that box.

What other things will be hidden from my Facebook profile when making it private?

After you make your profile private, things such as the visibility of your account to all people will be hidden. Also, because your profile has been hidden, other people will not be able to see your photos or your information, since  the profile does not appear in the search. The only ones who will see this kind of thing are those you have added as friends.

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