How to start investing with little money?

One of the biggest doubts for anyone who wants to become an investor is to know how to start investing with little money.

This question is a very common question, but it should not prevent you from starting to invest.

Because it is possible to start investing with little money yes! Just follow the right paths and get organized to achieve your goals.

To help you start investing with little money, we have prepared a comprehensive guide with tips and answers.

Why start investing?

Much is said about investments and rents. But why become an investor? What are the advantages?

To start investing, you need to understand the purpose of the investments, as it can be essential.

To invest is to invest your money in some modality that will generate profitability, that is, you will have an income on that amount applied.

In addition, investing is important for those who want to achieve a long-term goal, such as purchasing a property or even retirement.

Another reason to start investing is to protect your money. Avoid the loss due to currency devaluation.

These are some reasons to start investing, but the main reason should be your goal.

What do I need to know before I start investing with little money?

Before you start investing, you need to be aware of some situations and prepare to be an investor.

Check out some steps you need to follow before you start investing:

  • There will always be risks;
  • There are several types of investment: choose the best one for you;
  • You are not free of fees;
  • Never invest all your money in one place;
  • You can invest little money.

With this information, it is easier to start investing. For it is important to become a conscious and informed investor.

How to start investing? 

To start investing, you need to organize and set up your own investment program, following some important steps.

Organize your financial life

The first step is to organize your financial life. Negotiate debts, put expenses on paper and establish financial planning.

Have an emergency fund

With your finances organized, now is the time to take the next step. Before starting to invest, it is important to have a reserve fund. That is, an amount of money reserved for emergency cases.

After all, unforeseen events happen and you need to be prepared. Save a good amount of money, enough to cover expenses like rent, car installments, house bills.

Set goals and objectives

The second step is to establish goals and objectives. What are your goals? What are your plans?

By defining your main objective, you will be able to better understand the term with which you will deal. Whether it is a short-term or long-term investment. This makes it easier to choose where you want to put your money.

Study about investments

The financial market is complex and offers a range of opportunities for investors, but it is important to know and understand where you are going to put your money.

Some investments, such as the stock exchange, require greater knowledge on the part of the investor.

Therefore, it is important to study a lot about the market, read about the market news and research.

Know your profile

Know your investor profile. Know your way of investing, know the risks you are willing to take.

It is important to know your investor profile to know where you are going to put your money.

Know the types of investment that suit you

When you become aware of your investor profile, it is time to know the type of investment that best suits you.

There are several types of investment, from the riskiest to the safest. Choose the investment that fits your pocket and your goals.

Choose a good broker

Choose a reliable and safe broker that offers the best investment options and the best conditions.

By following these steps, you will be able to become an investor.

Where to invest with little money?

Now you know what you need to start investing, don’t you? But where to invest? Some investments are ideal for those who have a low amount to invest.

Check out the best options to invest with little money:

Direct Treasury

Tesouro Direto is one of the best investments for those with little money available to invest.

It works as a kind of loan to the Federal Government. In this investment, a security is acquired that will remain profitable for a while.

It is a safe investment that offers almost zero risks and you can withdraw the deposited amount whenever you want.

In addition, Tesouro Direto has initial investments from R $ 30, which is great for those who have little money to invest.

Tesouro Direto has an income that depends on the SELIC Rate, that is, it is an income that is very close to the savings account. In August 2019, the Selic rate fell and so did Treasury Direct income.

Bank Deposit Credit (CDB)

Bank Deposit Certificates are a form of investment for those who have a low amount of money, but who offer a medium return.

It is a loan that is made to the bank. In it, you can choose the fixed or post fixed. In the first, you already know how much your money will pay off. In the second, profitability will depend on inflation and interest rates.

At the CDB, the Credit Guarantee Fund guarantees the return of investments of up to 25 thousand reais, in case of bank failure.

Agribusiness Credit Letter (LCA)

In this investment, it is a loan made for agribusiness. It is a low risk and high return investment.

LCA has a money-back guarantee from the FGC.

Investment Funds

It is a group of investors that carry out operations in the financial market. It works as a kind of condominium. The risk is variable depending on the type of investment the group decides.

Private Pension

This type of investment is ideal for those looking for long-term returns. Investing like this is a great option for those who want to guarantee a more peaceful retirement.

It is important to analyze each investment before investing your money. Do not speed up the process, seek the investment that best suits you and your pocket.

Each investment has its particularities and specificities. So it is important to research and analyze each one.

Now that you know which modalities you can invest with little money, it’s time to start and become an investor.

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