How to start co-op mode in Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter: Rise is an extremely popular project from Capcom , fully translated into Russian. In just ten days, the game has sold over 5 million copies sold.

Although all the content of the game is played alone, there are several cases when it is worth turning on the co-op mode for up to 4 players: firstly, this way you can facilitate battles with enemies if you yourself cannot cope, and secondly, this way you can get additional resources with a monster.

Local Connection Guide

Players do not need Nintendo Switch Online or even an Internet connection to play locally.

As Nintendo Switch creates its own dedicated Wi-Fi connection, hunters can play local co-op Monster Hunter: Rise even on buses or trains!

  • Talk to Postman Senri who is next to the stairs leading to Elder Funen.


  • Click the Play by Lockbutton . networks .
  • Select Find Lobbyor Create Lobby .
  • The first player needs to create a lobbyfirst before others can join.
  • Other players must click Find Lobbyto join the first player.
  • Click the Create Lobbybutton with a lock icon if you want to set a 4-digit password for your session.


Guide to playing on the Internet


First, we state the obvious: to play on the global network requires an Internet connection, which is a basic prerequisite for any network function. A stable internet connection is recommended to avoid accidental disconnections while hunting.

In addition, you will need a Nintendo Online Account. Most of the Nintendo Switch game library has online features, and Rise is no exception.

  • Talk to Postman Senri who is next to the stairs leading to Elder Funen.
  • Click the Play Onlinebutton .
  • Select Find LobbyCreate Lobby , Hunter Network, or Search Lobby by ID .
  • Find Lobby: thelist of available rooms will be displayed on the screen according to the specified criteria.
  • Create Lobby:Allows you to create a multiplayer online room with multiple preferences. You can change your lobby settings after you create it by talking to Postman Senri and clicking the Lobby Settings button .
  • Hunter Network:Allows you to cooperate with other online lobbies based on your hunter tags.
  • Lobby search by ID:this is the best option for playing with familiar friends. After a friend has created a room with a password, enter the ID of that lobby. Remember that ID is case sensitive.


How to share a Hall mission


  • Speak with Mission Distributor Minoto.


  • You have three types of quests to choose from: Low Rank Quests, High Rank Quests (unlocked at 4 RP), and Rampage Quests (unlocked at 2 RP).
  • Select a mission from the list. A confirmation message will appear. By clicking the second option Yes (Submit Request),you will immediately send a request to join for other players as soon as you start the mission.
  • Your lobby window will update with information about the selected quest. Other players in the lobby can now join using the quest board! Make sure your squadmates mark themselves as ready before dispatching.


How to join a friend’s assignment


  1. Approach the quest board when someone in the lobby posts a quest. Alternatively, you can also access the Hall’s quest board via the action bar in the lower right corner from anywhere in Kamura Village.


  1. Select to the Hall’s quest and select a quest from the list.

    Warning: By clicking the Respond to Join Request button , you will be taken to a random quest for the player who sent the join request during the hunt. After you have joined the quest, your lobby window will update with the quest information.

In case the owner of the quest went hunting before you were ready, you can still join the quest by repeating steps 1 and 2.

How to send a request to join

Returning to Monster Hunter: World , the developers introduced the SOS mechanic so that you can easily find teammates who can help you on the hunt. In Monster Hunter: Rise, this feature has been renamed “Join Requests”.

You can easily submit a request to join by going to the menu and selecting Request to join or by selecting Yes (Submit Request) when accepting an assignment.

Which is better: Solo or Multiplayer?

In multiplayer, enemy monsters have increased health than their single-player counterparts. This is to prevent the monster from dying too quickly due to the increased amount of damage it receives from multiple hunters. It should also be remembered that when you are playing alone, you can take up to 2 companions with you, however in multiplayer you can only take 1 pet with you.

Despite the scalable HP, defeating monsters in multiplayer is undeniably easier than in single player. Even if the fight lasts as long, each player will benefit from the monster being forced to focus on two or four targets instead of one. This will give them more time to set traps, use items, and the like.

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