How to speed up or increase the speed of my iPhone mobile when it gets slow?


Currently there can be many factors that can influence your mobile to slow down or not work with the usual speed. If you are the owner of an iPhone device and you are suffering from this problem. We offer you an article that will help you and explain how to speed up or increase the speed of my iPhone mobile when it gets slow?

You must bear in mind that among the different factors that can influence your iPhone to slow down is its age. And here if there is not much to do about it, but if this is not your case. Then we will offer you some very effective tricks that will help you and in a matter of minutes recover the lost speed.

Performing certain operations on our iPhone may require complex work, but we assure you that it is very easy to do. But it will not be a simple trick , there are several and surely one will help you. And you will see that it will be as easy as putting a video in the background, so join me and let’s get started.

How to speed up or increase the speed of my iPhone mobile when it gets slow

Apple brand devices such as iPhones tend to get slow as we have already told you. One of the quickest ways to fix this problem is to Restart the device . This method works not only to solve this problem of slowness, but also for a great variety of problems that the mobile can present.

To restart the iPhone,  we just have to press at the same time and without releasing the lock and Home buttons. We will only stop pressing when the Apple apple appears on the device screen. Now we have to wait for it to turn on again and thus check that the performance and speed have increased.

If this trick could not solve the problem, try installing the latest iOS operating system update. The new patches you install may fix your problems, so you can verify that you have this update downloaded. Go directly to the home screen and select the Settings option.

Then in this section you will  choose the General option and finally select Software update. It should be clarified that this solution can be very good for models that are not more than two years old. But according to the Apple company, the arrival of the new iOS 12 will allow that regardless of the age or model of your mobile, the performance improves significantly.

Other tricks that increases speed

Another option that you can decide on and that will give you an increase in the original speed is to Restore the system from iTunes. Try by all means that is through this application and not from iCloud. Because if you do it from there you can enter corrupt information on your mobile and the remedy is worse than the disease.

To carry out this procedure, we must connect our iPhone device to the Mac using a USB cable . We must have the iTunes application installed on the computer, then you must select the Backup tab. When you’re done, go to the Restore copy option and just wait for the process to finish.

You must remember that with this procedure you will lose all those data or information that you have not had the foresight to back up. But you will enjoy a device with factory settings and you will have to reinstall all those Apps that you had on your device. This may be a bit extreme method but it will solve your problem 100 percent.

Perhaps your device does not require you to make such a drastic decision, so we recommend that you reduce the animations in the system . When you open any application a series of animations are activated which you can deactivate. To do this, you must go to the home screen and choose the Settings option.

Then in this section you select General and finally Accessibility , now you must click on Reduce movement and finally activate the switch. You will see that you will recover much of the lost speed of your mobile and this is the end of this tutorial that showed you how to do it.


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