How to speed up my Windows 10 PC with System Ninja

Being honest, it is impossible to lie when saying that everyone with a computer expects it to perform in the best possible way, and surely you include yourself in that group. And you can achieve optimize and speed up your Windows 10 PC without programs .

You can be grateful that due to technological advances there are programs with useful tools to cover this need. This time we will show you one of the many programs that exist and although it is not well known, the truth is very effective.

We refer to System Ninja , a useful tool for optimizing your system. This article will help you learn how to clean and speed up your Windows 10 pc easily with it.

What is System Ninja?

System Ninja is presented to the public as a free way to improve the optimization that is done on the system of any Windows computer.

Of course, this presents a paid version that contains more options, but the truth is the basic version is very complete. You will be able to download this program and it will not consume much space, just about 5MB.

It was designed primarily for immediate or near-instant deletion of files considered junk, as a problem solver, and to improve the speed of the system itself.

It is a program that offers an interface with a spartan style, something that is highly sought after when talking about maintenance tools. It is easy to use and it is possible to have the Spanish version for greater compression.

As said, one of its functions is to eliminate or clean the computer system of those junk files, in what sense?

These junk files can include those data that tend to be saved automatically or with prior authorization on your computer such as caches, cookies, logs and others.

This has been developed by Singular Labs, the same creator of the CCEnhancer option that supports programs like CCleaner on a large scale .

This becomes a complementary tool for those users who use CCleaner since the procedure is generated more efficiently.

And it is that more than one user has noticed that despite first cleaning with CCleaner and then this same process is carried out by System Ninja, there are still junk files to be discarded.

Some information may be ignored for some reason by CCleaner, but that System Ninja has found and disposed of as it should have been from the beginning.

You can be sure that the analysis carried out on your computer is exhaustive and does not leave any loose ends. With System Ninja your hard drive will free up space and will be less saturated than before.

Systema Ninja will help you keep your Windows computer in optimal conditions and although it is not superior to CCleaner it certainly does serve its purpose.

Something that can be found in the most recent version of this program is the detection of files that are duplicated inside the computer. But you can learn how to speed up your Windows 10 PC to the maximum and it will be very helpful.

How to clean and speed up my Windows 10 PC with System Ninja easily?

This is a very intuitive and at the same time communicative program because its same options tell you at a glance what to do.

It contains only four sections that will give you the service you expect, we will talk about each of them so that you begin to familiarize yourself with all of them.

  1.  Junk Scanner or junk scanner, this is the section that will help you detect all those junk or unnecessary files within the system.
  2.  System Tools or system tools from this section you will be able to manage those programs that start with Windows on your computer. Then, in this you will be able to install or uninstall apps , look for duplicate files and download the plugins you want to add.
  3. PC Analysis or pc analysis will be the section that will provide you with the information about the operating system you have and the specified information about your hardware.
  4. Options or simply options, this section is very basic, but it allows you to make very significant adjustments. With the options menu you will be able to create exceptions, that is, here you can select a certain set of files that you prefer to ignore during the procedure.

On the other hand, you can indicate in advance that the program, when starting its process, scans certain files in specific folders with higher priority than in the others. In case this software has not worked as expected you can try cleaning, optimizing and speeding up my Windows PC with Advanced SystemCare


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