How to speed up Call Of Duty without lag

As we already know, Call Of Duty is one of the best Shooter-style games, however, many times it presents lag, and if you want to play it either on your computer or cell phone, with maximum graphics and without lag, here you We will tell you some tips that you can apply to speed up this game and thus have a better experience .

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  1. What should be done to free up space in Call Of Duty and get better performance?
    1. Have your frames per second
    2. Improve your shadows and textures
  2. How to optimize speed and graphics in Call Of Duty from the PC?
    1. Lower its quality to a minimum and improve its sensitivity
    2. Activate game mode

What should be done to free up space in Call Of Duty and get better performance?

In order to free up space in the Call of Duty game and get a better performance, you will have to follow some tips and here we will tell you what they are:

Have your frames per second

Within the Call of Duty game for phones you can find an option that allows you to force or stop the execution of a certain number of frames per second.

So, to get better performance of the game, we recommend that you activate this function, do this only if you have a high-end or medium-high-end phone in the same way with a computer, since if your PC phone is a little older you will have to place this function to a minimum, so that in this way your processor does not suffer.

Improve your shadows and textures

Apart from the option that we have just named, we also recommend that you deactivate the quality of the shadows and the sawtooth that is caused by the textures that the game has, as this will make Call of Duty perform better.

And if your phone is mid-range, this option will be of great help, since you can see how the FPS rate will rise. This, like other settings that affect the graphics of the game, activating them will imply that the processor and GPU of the phone have a greater load .

It should be noted many times the memory of our cell phone is very full and this is a big problem, since it can affect the performance of those applications that are more demanding.

So, the more applications, photos or videos you have on your phone, it will make the registry a little more difficult to find, and that is why here at Look How It’s Done we recommend that you free up the storage space on your personal phone .

How to optimize speed and graphics in Call Of Duty from the PC?

To optimize the speed and graphics of the Call of Duty game through a PC we recommend that you make the following suggestions.

Lower its quality to a minimum and improve its sensitivity

One of the ways in which we can optimize Call of Duty is by lowering its image quality or also called graphic details.

  1. But for this, first of all you have to have the game installed on your computer, since if you do it in its online version, it will not allow you to make these changes, because here what matters is that your internet connection is good and stable , already that if it is not, the game lagea.
  2. We will start by going to the video game settings section.
  3. Already in the settings you can see a sub menu in which you can configure various sectors of the game, including screen settings, sound settings, configure controls, and even read the credits.
  4. We will be located in the screen settings section, there you must select the option that says screen resolution, doing so will decrease the resolution allowing the game to run without forcing the processor, thus giving a faster experience.

To improve the sensitivity of the video game , you have to go to the settings, there you must click on the level of details option, this by default is high, you must set it to very low, and in this way the sensitivity will be much better allowing us to obtain a better performance in the game. Thanks to all this, the graphics card will work less forced.

Activate game mode

If your personal computer has game mode installed, we recommend that you activate it , since this will make the video game perform better, and in case your computer does not have it, don’t worry, you can download it from the internet, and from this In this way, the computer will focus all its motor skills on the video game, since it will ignore other programs such as browsers, Windows office programs such as Microsoft Office, and others.

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