How to sort your photos into folders within Windows 10?

Sorting any type of files within a folder using Windows has always been a battle and the truth is a somewhat complex and stressful practice. In general, the vast majority of people have a clutter of files inside their computer, files such as documents, music, photos and images, all mixed up in one place. The real challenge is when you want to find a specific file and in the middle of that clutter it is very difficult to find it.

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  1. What is the way you can create a new folder on your PC?
  2. What should you do to add your photos to the newly created folder in Windows 10?
  3. How to rename your Windows 10 folder?
  4. How can you organize photos inside your folder in Windows 10?
    1. Subdividing your media into other folders
    2. Changing the order in which they are presented

What is the way you can create a new folder on your PC?

Creating a folder using Windows is an extremely simple task, it is something that everyone can do . However, ignorance of how to create this tool does not allow you to have your computer organized in the best way.

Folders will help you select all the types of files you have on your computer and gives you the ability to classify those files . Now, to create a new folder on your PC, the first thing you should do is go to the place where you want to create the folder, these places can be documents, downloads, desktop, local drives C or D, among others.

Being already in the location you want, you must press the right button of your mouse, when you press said button a list of options will appear, one of the options is called “new”, there will be other options for new files, including the “folder” , left click on the option that says folder and your new folder will appear immediately.

What should you do to add your photos to the newly created folder in Windows 10?

Very good, you have already created your folder in the location of your highest preference. Remember that you can locate this folder anywhere on your computer , try to locate it in a place where you can easily find it.

First of all, you must look for the files you want to add to your new folder, in this case the photos you want to save in the new folder, after finding these files, select the ones you want to take to your folder to select the files you must drag the mouse over the files , pressing the right click, in this way you can select the files you want.

Another way to select multiple files, select only one and then press the “Shift or Shift” key on your keyboard at the same time, press any of the arrows that appear on your keyboard to right or left, in this way you can select the files laterally . In the same way, to select all the files in a folder you can do it using the “Control” keys in conjunction with the “E” key, in this way you will be able to select all the files in just one movement.

Having already selected the files, press left click, you will get a series of options, among them are the “copy or cut” options, one of these two options, they are the ones you will use to move your files to the folder . If you press copy, a copy of the files will be created, this means that you will copy the files in your new folder, but they will still be in the original location. Conversely, if you press cut, the files will be moved from the original location to your folder.

When you have already selected any of these options (copy or cut), go to your new folder, while there press left click, you will get a series of options, including “paste”, when you press this option, all the files that you have copied or cut they will begin to paste in your new folder.

How to rename your Windows 10 folder?

This is an essential step to quickly recognize and locate your folder on your computer . It should be noted that when the folder is created, said folder appears with the name of “new folder”, when you create it you have the opportunity to add the name of your preference and customize it , but if you omit this step, don’t worry, it will also be you can change the folder name after this step.

To change the name of a folder already created, you must select the folder, then press on said folder, right click, there you will get a series of options, one of the last options in this list is determined as “change name”, select this option and give the name that you like the most to your folder.

How can you organize photos inside your folder in Windows 10?

There are many ways to organize photos in Windows 10, if you have many photos of different occasions and dates you can create a main folder and within it, create other folders to divide your photos by date, by event, by file type, place or moment. Many people divide them into groups of people, for example: family, friends, work, personal photos, among others. As you can see, there are multiple possibilities to organize your photos, in the same way it happens with other files, look for the option and way that best suits your needs.

Subdividing your media into other folders

Windows gives you the option of placing your photos in a place that the same software has determined for them. This site is called an “image library”, which you find when you go to your files. This is a location that you can use to locate your images , in this way you can find them in an easier way, since this library is at your beginning. There you can locate different types of folders, depending on the number of photos and images you have.

Changing the order in which they are presented

This is something that you can modify, to order your files the way you prefer, in general, the files are arranged in alphabetical order, but if you want you can sort it by date, type, size, labels, dimensions , among others. When you are in your folder at the top is the toolbar, there is an option called “view”, in this option you will find how you will view your files or photos, there is also the option of how to order these files. Order in the way of your preference.

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