How to solve written mathematical problems using the Photomath APP?

Everyone in their study days dreamed of an application that would allow them to solve mathematical problems just using their phone. Now it is a reality, because today you will learn to solve written mathematical problems using the Photomath APP.

It is only about writing the operations, because once they are on the sheet the App in question will take care of solving everything.

It is not advanced technology of the future, it is just an application created by visionaries, so that those who find it difficult to do mathematics, do not suffer.

Solve written math problems using the Photomath APP

Just as there is a way to edit a video in Windows Movie Maker or simply make 3D designs using Google SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse , there is also an application for mathematics.

Photomath is an application that is available for both Android and IOS operating systems and works equally well on both.

Its installation is very simple, you just have to download it from the Playstore or AppStore. Make sure to fix the internet connection problem on Google Play or AppStore if necessary.

Within the application, all you have to do is use the camera (which will be active automatically) to solve the exercises.

This works by focusing on the exercises you want to solve (one by one) and taking a photo. A good camera will help with the application process.

It works both for operations that have been written with a pencil and for texts printed on a sheet. The application will not only give you the final result of this operation, but it will also show you how it is solved.


Therefore, what you are doing when solving written mathematical problems using the Photomath APP is not cheating , because even if you are not performing the operation in your head, you will still learn the method to reach the final resolution, which is what matters most.

In addition, the data to solve the operation as well as the result will be stored in the application, so you can review peacefully. The software that achieves this uses image recognition and processing technology , allowing you to perform operations in seconds.

But beware, not everything is rosy, this application can solve operations such as linear equations or fractions, but it will not be able to help you in statistics or trigonometry because these are more complex operations.

Other solutions

Certainly solving written mathematical problems using the Photomath APP is very easy and at the same time useful, but you can’t just have one, so look at these other two options that can be just as convenient.

The first is called Mathpix, it works in the same way as the previous one, taking photos of the operations for the recognition software to solve them. This solves operations of equations, logarithms, fractions, derivatives, among others.

It also has several different functions, such as the ability to export in PDF format files , others such as Overleaf or Latex format. And the power to support 2D and 3D graphics.


The second is called Socratic , it has the same operation as the other two, with the difference that it not only solves mathematical operations, but can also mess with problems in other subjects, which makes it versatile in every way.

The only detail is that at the moment they are only found in IOS. But in compensation for this, it must be said that the application is completely free, and its Android counterpart is already in development.

And voila, there is nothing more you can learn, you already know how to solve written mathematical problems using the Photomath APP and you also have other options that you can explore freely, so prepare your phone because it is time to learn like a student of the 21st century .


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