How to solve the most common problems when logging into Netflix?

Netflix, one of the most famous streaming platforms of the moment, has millions of users and is compatible with various devices and operating systems. Although it is hard to believe, the most common problems when logging into Netflix, can end with just restarting our streaming device.

In addition, you can try to solve the failures in the Internet or Wifi connection, restarting your modem or your router. Therefore, if your problem is that you can not access the platform from Netflix , here you will find possible solutions.

Learn how to solve the most common problems when logging into Netflix

In the first instance, you should check that the service is not down due to a problem on the Netflix servers. You can confirm it by entering the official website.

If everything goes well with the servers, and when you log in you cannot access the platform, you must verify that the data such as email and password are correct. In case you share your screen with other users, make sure that the data has not changed.

If you have verified that all your details are correct and the problem of logging into Netflix persists, you can then restart your streaming device , as we mentioned above. You can also try to correct possible failures in the internet connection.

When you log in and it shows you the UI3012 error, it is a connection problem from your computer or error 13018 for mobiles and tablets. Simply check that your internet connection has not dropped for both cases.

Another of the most common problems when logging into Netflix has to do with the installation of the Application.

How to know if everything is going well with the Netflix application

If you have verified what is stated in the previous paragraphs, and you are still unable to access your account. It is possible that the problem that is occurring is with the Netflix application.

Now, you can uninstall and reinstall the application. Keep in mind that to do so you have to log in again. Also, make sure you have the latest version of the Netflix application installed on your device.

Check if someone else is using Netflix. Some plans don’t allow you to stream on more than one device at the same time. If so, the other users must be disconnected before you can access.

You forgot your details to log into Netflix

It is possible that when accessing your account on Netflix, an error appears stating that an account with this email address cannot be found. Try again or you must create a new account.

If you forgot the email or phone number or password to access your account. This is another of the most common problems when logging into Netflix. If this is your case, do not be alarmed! There are several ways to recover them.

When you access the Netflix platform, it enters where it says “ Do you need help? ”. Enter your email or phone number. Finally, you will receive the verification code and you can reset your password.

You must bear in mind that when resetting the password, you must log in again on all devices with the new password. This can take up to 8 hours , completely disconnect all devices and start with the new password.

On the other hand, if you do not remember the email or the phone number to recover the password, you must enter ” I don’t remember my email or my phone number .” You must provide your account information.

It is important to write the name and surname of the account, as it is written on the credit or debit card that you indicated at the time of subscription.

Finally, the solutions to the most common problems when logging into Netflix are not complicated. But if the problem persists it is advisable to contact the service to the customer of Netflix . On the official website they show the different ways to contact the company.

Another problem that you may encounter when you try to use your Netflix account is when you get the NW 2-5 error, this error is seen on devices such as Xbox, PS4 and Roku or the UI error 800-3, which can appear on SmartTV devices.

Now there are many Streaming channels that you can find both paid and free , all with different programming options that you can enjoy.


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