How to solve that Skype does not notify me that there is a new message?

That Skype does not notify me of new messages is a situation that can happen to anyone, and of course it is quite annoying not being able to solve it when you use your portable device, such as a tablet or mobile phone.

Luckily, there are several things you can do to find a timely solution to your problem, you just have to choose the one that works best for you.

Skype does not notify new messages: Check and change the settings

The preferences regarding notifications are quite extensive when it comes to this well-known application, therefore, some of these may be the cause that Skype does not notify the new messages you receive.

To check the status of these settings, as well as make the pertinent changes, you must, on your Android device above version 6.0, go to the “Settings” icon or the one with the characteristic cogwheel. You can also take advantage of changing the tone of notifications.

Within this section, and if you look down, you can locate and press on the bell for “Notifications”, as it is necessary that you enter this section.

When you are there you can make the pertinent changes to solve that Skype does not notify new messages. In fact, there are five categories of settings that you can explore.

These are the “Chat notifications”, as well as the “Push” notifications , the ” Do not disturb” mode , the “Application” communications , as well as the ” Email notifications “.

Of course, each of these accounts with its own subcategories or specific conditions, so you must explore them to find the solution to your problem.

If you have Android lower than 5.1

In case Skype does not notify new messages on a device whose Android version is lower than 5.1, you will have to follow a somewhat different procedure.

Primero tendrás que abrir el “Menú” de la aplicación a través del icono de las tres líneas paralelas horizontales para, luego, pulsar sobre el engranaje de las “Configuraciones” y entrar a estas.

En el apartado mencionado, debes desplazarte hasta dar con el icono de las “Notificaciones” para poder seleccionarlo. Ahora podrás activar y desactivar las funciones pertinentes. Las mismas están más limitadas que en el caso anterior, de hecho, además de activarlas o no, solo podrás ajustar la vibración, el sonido de reproducción y las luces de notificación.

Otras razones por la que las notificaciones no llegan

If you have explored the settings section and you have not found the solution to your problem of the lack of notifications for new messages, there are other situations that may be generating it and that you can also verify.

The session and private chats

You should always make sure that your session is correctly started, as well as that your device has an active internet connection. Also, and if new message notifications only stop for certain contacts or conversations, you should check if they are active for that user.

If you have a problem with a contact, or this contact no longer works, Skype allows you to delete it without problem.

Your status is Busy

On the other hand, as a general fact that you have to know when using Skype, you should know that if you keep by default with the status “Busy” you will stop receiving notifications or notifications of chats.

You can change this by entering “Settings” through your profile image, and then choosing “Notifications”. Now, you can choose the mode ” Show chat notifications with Busy ” active.

An outdated version

By having an old version of Skype this could present some drawbacks, in fact, it is always advisable to keep the most recent presentation of this app on both your PC and your cell phone.

Device configuration

The problem may also arise because in the settings of your device you have disabled notifications and notices for Skype . Check if this is the case, and if the answer is positive, you will simply have to activate them in order to receive them.

Another problem that this application can present to you regarding messages is that it does not allow you to send or receive messages.


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