How to solve or assemble the Rubik’s cube in a few movements? – Quick solution

Assembling the Rubik’s cube in a few movements has been a test that many have not managed to overcome since around 1980 when this interesting toy was launched on the market.

Over the years, the popularity of this little game has been on the rise , to the point of organizing world competitions and awarding millionaire prizes.

What should you do to assemble the Rubik’s cube?

It is really interesting how much this cube has been studied, to the point of discovering a kind of algorithm that helps to solve it quickly.

The structure of the resolution is based on assembling a central piece that will help to obtain the rest of the colors, being able to carry out the assembly in a few steps.

First, a cross must be assembled on one of its faces, then the complete face must be assembled, making the corners coincide in their colors. Subsequently, the side layers must be completed, to finish making the layer that was lower than the first, it is really simple .

Explained in this way it looks quite difficult, but you can find a guide on the web, with which you can solve any Rubik’s cube, no matter how it is.

Who created the guide to build the Rubik’s cube?

Although an extensive search has been carried out, at present it has not been possible to find the creator of this excellent guide, which can help any player.

It is only known that it is initially designed in English, the creator must have spent hours to achieve an excellent result, finding a logarithm to fix it.

The most interesting thing about this guide is that it manages to solve absolutely any cube , following this guide can achieve a cube in a matter of minutes.

Are there other options for assembling the Rubik’s cube?

With the popularity of this product, it is not surprising that there are blogs, web pages, YouTube channels and a whole lot more content dedicated to its solution on the web.

One of the best known and most popular websites is Rubik’s Cube Solver , currently it can be used in more than ten languages and its system is very interesting.

On the other hand, there are blogs that explain in detail the interesting guide and YouTube channels that teach you how to do it quickly, it helps to see it directly.

Using the Rubik’s cube solver

Being a simple method, the Rubik’s cube solver puts in your hands the possibility of finding a solution quickly and without much effort.

First, you must select your Rubik’s cube or pyramid tube, 2 × 2, 3 × 3 or even 4 × 4, once this is done, it is time to start. You must mark the faces of the cube with the exact colors that yours has, in such a way that it looks perfectly the same .

Once this is done, press the “Solve” button and the solver will give you an explained guide to solve your Rubik’s cube in the state it is, even when it is a complete disaster.

It will directly determine the number of movements necessary and you can view them on video or follow the instructions , it is a very good way to assemble it.

This solver does it using an algorithm developed based on the solution guide that was discussed above, the solutions are really specific.

Why did the Rubik’s cube become so popular?

For many people it is difficult to understand why a toy that has such complicated solutions is still so popular today .

The simpler answer than it seems, being a game with millions and millions of combinations and millions of solutions, entertaining is easy.

Additionally, since its launch it has become a challenge for society, achieving that currently there are international competitions on assembling the Rubik’s cube.

There is even a world record for solving it faster and solving more cubes in an amount of time, it’s really cool.


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