How to sign in to Google Classroom

The applications that the G Suite has are very varied, one of them is Google Classroom , an app that today more than ever is very useful, since distance education is essential due to the pandemic that we are experiencing, now, yes You have accessed Google Classroom and did not know how to log in , then we will explain how you can do it.

Google Classroom is a Google app that allows us to create online courses, in addition to being able to upload any educational and didactic content so that our courses are as complete as possible.

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Log in to Classroom from your computer

If we want to use Google Classroom from our computer, follow these steps to log in and start using the app to create courses over the Internet.

  • The first thing will be to access the Google Classroom website.

Web: Google Classroom

  • Now we can click on the blue button “Go to Classroom”.
  • We can also do it if we go to the top right and we will have to click on “Access” and then on Google Classroom.
  • The next step will be to log in with our Google account and we will have already entered Classroom.

Log in to Classroom from your mobile

To log in to Google Classroom from your mobile, you will only have to download the application for Android and iOS devices.

  • Download Google Classroom for Android
  • Download Google Classroom for iOS

Then you must follow these steps:

  • Then we open the app and the first step will be to press the “Start” button.
  • Now we will have to choose the account that we want or that we have from Google in the case of having several, but we only choose the one we have on the mobile.
  • Once the email is chosen we have already logged into Google Classroom and therefore we can see all our courses on the main board as well as we can create all the courses we want and add all kinds of material to the course.

As you have seen, logging into Google Classroom is really simple, as well as being able to do it from our computer or from our mobile and thus be able to see all the courses that we have created or the courses to which we are subscribed.


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