How to Shut Down a Mac Computer Using the Keyboard

Among the most impressive and sought-after features by users of MAC devices we find the fact that they are functional tools , which in another way, work towards offering practical tools for daily work use.

Throughout the day and depending on the obligations we have, we usually access our Mac device repeatedly, for which we constantly close and open our session automatically or manually.

For this reason, many people have located various useful shortcuts with which to access the device much faster and easier, without having to access the common shortcuts, which are generally slow and repetitive.

Learn in this post, the best way to turn off your Mac computer, with the simple use of a combination within your keyboard, as long as it is configured .

Know the combination you can use with your keys

This is the ideal article in which you can learn the correct way to turn off your Mac device, thanks to the touch of a button. Although this is a compilation tutorial, here we want to expose in a main way, the main methods , in such a way that you only have to put into practice those that you feel effective.

IMac devices are characterized by being simple, fast and dynamic equipment, which in addition to being excellent in terms of their operation , have unique tools, which are excellently adapted to everything their users need in order to have a computer unique in every way.

How to turn off your Mac device?

·         The classic shutdown:

This is one of the main methods that all users know, since they involve a common technique in which the icon of the apple corresponding to the Apple brand must be pressed and which we can find in a simple way in the upper left part from our screen.

When we have pressed the same, we can see that multiple options are displayed, among which, we must search and select the option ” Turn off computer “.

Here we will see that a window will appear, in which we will be asked if we are safe with turning off the computer. We press the ” Shutdown ” button and that’s it.

·         Shutdown via key combination:

This method corresponds to a series of combinations, which guarantee users to be able to shut down their system much more quickly and efficiently.

To do this, you just have to press the following special command: Shift + Command + Eject , once pressed, we will see that a window with a menu will appear in front of us, the same as the one mentioned above and in which we must press the key ” Shut down “, so that in this way the system of your Mac device, takes care of the rest.

However, there is another much faster method with which you can turn off your device, in which the combination of letters changes a bit. To be able to do this quick shutdown, you just have to press and hold the following combination of keys: Ctrl + Option + Command + Eject all pressed simultaneously.

Once done, you will see that the screen turns black and immediately turns off. As a last trick, if your computer has been stuck, or failing that it has collapsed, for which its functions and any other technique are useless, you can take this option as a final solution.

Right on the back of your screen, you can find a special button with the name ” Power “, which is quite similar to the one we usually press when we want to turn on our device .

Now, if what we want is to turn off our, the only thing we have to do is hold it down for a couple of seconds and our Mac will finally turn off.


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