How to show your working time to your colleagues in Outlook

Because Microsoft Outlook contains several features, it remains the standard email and calendar platform for millions of users.It was designed to help users manage their work time more efficiently. But when multiple users collaborate, how do they make sure they don’t receive a meeting request outside of business hours? By displaying their working hours in Outlook! Today we are going to take a look at a method that allows you to display your working hours to your colleagues in Outlook.

Show working hours in Outlook

The Scheduling Assistant displays the recommended times based on availability for the selected date and time. So when you create a meeting request in Outlook, the Scheduling Assistant (accessible through meetings) tries to find the time slot when you and your colleagues are free.

However, the Scheduling Assistant does not display the hours from midnight to midnight. By default, the work week is set from Monday to Friday, and the work day increases from 8 am. until 5 pm The first day of the week on the calendar is Sunday.

You can change this working time as you like. For that,

Click File> Options> Calendar and find the Working hours section . Change the working hours as per your requirement.

Here we have to change it from 8 am to 2 pm.

Now if we open a new meeting request and click on the scheduling assistant, our working hours will change to reflect the new values. In addition, Outlook will display this clock to any of your colleagues who have access to your calendar when they try to arrange a meeting with you.

There should be a match with your colleague’s working hours. Even if it isn’t, you can create a meeting request and add a colleague.

Outlook will show him your working hours. If any of their business hours do not coincide with your business hours, it will appear as a light gray bar representing “ outside business hours ”.

This way you can find common ground (working hours) with your colleague and cooperate accordingly. This will help you cut down on the time spent working with team members trying to schedule a meeting.

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