How to show hidden files in Windows 10

Windows is one of the best systems developed by the Microsoft company . This was launched in 2014 and by then it was one of the most comprehensive systems in terms of features. Today, it is still the best computer system around, but you have to wait a bit to see what the results of the recently released Windows 11 will be.

One of the best features of Windows 10 is ‘Hidden Files’. We will show you how to view hidden files in Windows 10 shortly . There are several ways to view this type of file and we will demonstrate each of those so that you can learn more about what your computer’s system can do.

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  1. How can you see hidden files using CMD?
    1. What differentiates a hidden file from one that is not?
  2. How to enter advanced settings to see hidden folders?
  3. Learn how to use the file explorer to access hidden files

How can you see hidden files using CMD?

The hardest way to see hidden files on a Windows 10 computer is from the CDM. Also, the only hidden files that can be viewed using the CDM are those on USB sticks . If you want to see the hidden files on your hard drive, you will have to run another process.

However, if you want to learn how to see the hidden files of a USB memory using the CDM, pay attention to the following instructions that we will give you. In them, the process to be executed will be shown:

  • Turn on your computer.
  • Log in to your username.
  • Connect the USB memory to the computer.
  • Press the Windows key and the keyboard button ‘X’ and click on ‘OK’.
  • In the window that will appear, you will place the code ‘ -h -r -s / s / d G: \ *. *‘ (In case the letter of the USB memory is not ‘G’, change it and place the one with the USB).
  • Finally, click on ‘OK’ and a new window will appear in which the hidden files of that USB memory will be displayed.

It should be noted that if you do this type of procedure at night, it would be good to adjust the brightness of your screen so that you protect your view from the light of the monitor . Do not strain your eyes with the intense light of the monitor, it will help you to keep it intact when your age increases.

What differentiates a hidden file from one that is not?

This is something that you must learn to differentiate so that you do not get confused when they talk about hidden files. The hidden files of Windows 10 cannot be seen with the naked eye, to visualize them it is important to go to the folder order options within Windows Explorer and make them visible.

In contrast, files that are not hidden can be seen by simply entering a library and opening a folder. Almost no one knows about this hidden folder option , that is why if you want to protect a file it will be enough to hide it inside a library with this function.

The Windows 11 operating system brought new improvements in terms of video quality as well as audio recording quality . Possibly, they have also added some new features when it comes to file privacy by using the hidden folders feature.

If you want to enjoy the new features of the Windows 11 operating system, you will be happy to know that there is a way to go from Windows 10 to Windows 11, without losing a single personal file that you have stored on your hard drive.

How to enter advanced settings to see hidden folders?

Other than viewing hidden files in a folder in Windows 10 from the CDM or from the top bar of Windows Explorer, there is no other way to view them . There is no kind of ‘Advanced Settings’ to view hidden folders on a hard drive in Windows 10.

However, there is another way to see the hidden files, which is from the file explorer, as we mentioned before. Activating the view of hidden folders from Windows Explorer is much easier than from CDM and you don’t have to do so many things. Now, in the next subtopic we will show how to see hidden folders in a simple way.

Learn how to use the file explorer to access hidden files

The process to view Windows 10 hidden folders from Windows Explorer only consists of 6 steps. However, pay attention to each of them:

  • Open Windows Explorer.
  • Go to the top. Enter the ‘View’ section.
  • Click on ‘Options’.
  • Select the option ‘Change folder’.
  • Then, click on the ‘Options’.
  • Check the box that says ‘Show hidden files and folders’ and you will immediately see each of the hidden files.

Whenever you want to see hidden files on a computer where this option is disabled, you will have to do this. It should be noted that if you have complications when executing this process, you have the Microsoft technical support website at your complete disposal . There, you will find information about any problems related to Windows.

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