How to show documents in preview in Windows 10

For those who want to learn how to view or preview documents in Windows 10, we offer a series of steps to activate this essential feature of this version of Microsoft’s operating system.

It is important to bear in mind that the Windows 10 file explorer is presented as one of the most used tools of the system by users. So, it is quite useful to create a shortcut for file explorer on Windows 10 desktop.

The Windows 10 file explorer is a program whose basic function is the storage and organization of all the files on the system, hence it is used for the subsequent search for those files. In general, all versions of Microsoft Windows come with a shortcut to the file explorer.

This tool makes it possible to easily navigate through the different folders and files stored on the hard drive. Windows 10 Explorer has a number of improvements over previous versions, however, it essentially operates in the same way and has the same structure.

Discovering the explorer

At a first glance, we can see a navigation panel on the left side of the screen that, when opened, places the user in Quick Access. In the right pane, on the other hand, the content of each file, folder or item previously selected in the navigation pane is displayed .

By knowing the content offered in the right pane, it is possible at the same time to appreciate it in detail mode. This tool offers a list view or icons of different sizes . In such a way, if a large icon mode is chosen, a thumbnail-size view of the different images can be accessed, which allows them to be recognized more easily and quickly.

When viewing or displaying documents in preview is required in Windows 10, it is also important to know that this browser supports document preview in Word word processor, Excel accounting processor, PowerPoint presentation designer and other PowerPoint files. Office.

Customize the browser

Surely many users are inclined to see a  comprehensive preview of their images, files or other types of documents . On certain occasions, it is even necessary to be able to appreciate a file in detail and know the type of file it is, its creation or modification date, size, among others.

How to view and preview documents in Windows 10

If you want to preview the document in the Word processor, or plain text, and move through it, without having to access it, select ” View “. Once there, you access the Panels button, select the option “ Preview Panel ”. Immediately, you will see in the right part of the explorer window another panel where you can see a preview of said file

Of course there is another simpler and faster alternative to displaying this preview panel in Windows Explorer, and this is by clicking on the « Alt + P « key combination .

On the other hand, if you only want to see the detail panel to see at once the type of file, its weight on the computer and its creation or modification date, then it is necessary that you enter this option.

As with the preview option, it is possible to see it through the path: ” View > Panels> Detail Panel “. If the desire is to activate it through a more expeditious way, then the keyboard shortcut « Alt + Shift + P « can be used, and that’s it. Take these simple tips into account when viewing or previewing documents in Windows 10, quickly.


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