How to shorten or lengthen elements in Sony Vegas?

Sony Vegas is one of the best video editors out there. Since it brings an impressive number of tools and functions, which allows anyone, whether professional or novice, to create high-quality content in a short time (in this you can even pixelize or censor a part of a video , which is rare ). With that in mind, it ‘s time for you to learn how to shorten or lengthen items in Sony Vegas.

Obtaining this type of basic knowledge is not on a whim, because if your plan is to become a good editor, whose objective is to create videos that enjoy a good reputation on platforms such as YouTube, then you have to gradually unravel the tricks of this great program (which you can get on its official website ).

What is Sony Vegas Pro?

Before you can start learning about the process that will help you shorten or lengthen items in Sony Vegas , you first need to know a little more context about this software.

The Sony vegas or Sony vegas pro, as it is known today, is a non-linear video and audio editor. This is geared for a market of both professional and novice publishers . Therefore, the tools implemented and the interface found within it are simple to use.

It was released in 1999, published by Sonic foundry, later by Sony Creative software, and today updated and released for sale by MAGIX.

This can be used from Windows xp onwards until version 11, after that, it is supported only from Windows vista and later systems.


Also, version 12 cannot be used on 32-bit systems, but only on 64-bit systems. Its main functions are as follows:

Edit video and audio in real time (allows to use multiple tracks), audio mixing in Dolby digital quality (one of the best), supports plugins such as VST and DirectX, and 24 bit / 192 KHZ audio.

Its interface has four main parts: the browser, trimmer, Preview and the timeline. All easy to learn to use like a pro in no time.

With that you already know the necessary data to move forward, and finally learn to shorten or lengthen elements in Sony Vegas in an easy and simple way.

Shorten or lengthen items in Sony Vegas

Performing the lengthening and shortening actions is very important when creating a video, because that is what will help you to have the exact duration that you want to give it.

To achieve this goal , you must first drag your video clip to the timeline. Second, click with the left mouse button on one of the ends of the video (the end or the beginning).

With that you will get an icon where you are pressing in the shape of two black arrows that go in two directions horizontally, now as a last step , you just have to move the mouse to the left or right to cut or lengthen the video.


The advantage of this method is that the parts of the video that you cut will not disappear , you only need to lengthen them so that they return to the same way they were before.

In addition, the speed of the video will not be affected at all by the changes you make, so you do not have to worry about it being chunky or slow.

And with that last, everything will be ready, so now say that you know how to shorten or lengthen elements in Sony Vegas. How could you notice this process will not take you long (depending of course on the duration of your clip and what you want to do with it).

Now go to your software and start editing all those videos that you had withheld due to lack of knowledge. Don’t forget to keep looking for tutorials to learn many more useful tricks to help you become the best in this program. To begin, it is recommended to find how to put subtitles to a video , and how to add or insert text or titles , since these are easy things to do and very necessary.


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