How to share my photos from Google Photos to a Facebook album

Facebook is a social network that encourages us to want to communicate with more people. And in turn to share each stage of our life with each of our friends. So today you will learn How to add or share my photos from Google Photos to a Facebook album – Very easy.

Google Photos has become an inseparable duo of Facebook , because now all the images that you had stored in the cloud of this application can be uploaded to this social network and remember beautiful moments.

How to add or share my photos from Google Photos to a Facebook album

First you must access your account linked to Google photos and select the image you want to share or send to the Facebook social network. Once the image of our preference has been displayed on our screen, select the share icon located in the lower corner of the menu of our device.

If your wish is to publish this photo on the wall of your Facebook profile, you must select the option ‘Facebook Feed’. Immediately Google Photos will redirect you to your Facebook account.

There you put if you like a description for your photo and to complete this process you select the option ‘Publish’.

Now if you want to publish on Facebook stories the procedure is very similar. Select the graphic in Google Photos and press the ‘Share’ option. But this time it will press the ‘Facebook, Your Story’ function. Add the filters of your preference and click on ‘Share Story’.

With these methods we can share our Google Photos album to our profile or history of our Facebook account.

How can I use Google Photos?

Google Photos is a Google service designed to store photos and videos in your cloud. This is a fairly reliable alternative as it allows you to save graphs without any type of limit.

Its operation is quite simple since just by downloading the application you can give your internal memory a break. When you start you must choose the way to save your information, log in with your Google account and press the confirm option.

There, the creation of a backup copy of any photo or video saved on your mobile will begin . The creation time will clearly depend on the speed of the internet to which you are connected and the amount of files that are in your memory.

The good news is that this process can be done in the background which will allow you to use other applications while your information is uploaded to the cloud.

Now, can I remove graphics from Google Photos? The answer is yes, but you have to be very careful with this because if you delete an image from Google Photos it will automatically disappear from your gallery. However, these deleted photos can sometimes be recovered by following a few simple steps.

What’s new in Google Photos

The changes are noticed in the first instance because the icon of this application is different, its interface is currently divided into three different sections. The ‘Photos’ section – ‘Search’ and ‘Library’.

The images are organized chronologically , by opening the menu at the bottom you can access the photo editing and retouch it a bit according to your tastes.

A novelty that was launched on the market was the recent featured category, which is an automatic selection of featured photos from Google. In the search option, it classifies the images according to people or places you visited.

Video editor function with Google Photos

The new Google video editor facilitates the process of correcting videos that do not look very good or also to give your personal touch either with a filter or logo.

This function also allows us to create collages for our videos, in addition to cropping and adjusting to our liking. And it is that although it is an application designed for beginners, it has quite advanced functions that allow us to improve the result. For example, the stabilizer function that allows the graph not to be so shaky but on the contrary to remain stable.


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