How to share my Netflix account without risks?

Has it happened to you that you want to share your Netflix account with your family or friends? But only for a little while, preventing them from appropriating it excessively? There is an easy and simple way to do it without any risk.

Thanks to the extensions that Google Chrome offers us, we can share our Netflix account without having to give our password . Here we will explain step by step how you can achieve this in the simplest way.

How to share my Netflix account without having to give the password or password, risk-free!


  • How to share my Netflix account without risks?
  • How is ShareAccount used?
  • Why is it recommended to use ShareAcount?

How to share my Netflix account without risks?

There is an easy way to do it and it is by using the Share Account extension , which will allow us to share our Netflix account without giving the password. This is only possible in the Google Chrome browser , so it is not possible in the mobile application.

  1. In your Chrome browser you will click on the three dots that appear in the upper right corner where the customization menu will be displayed.
  2. Click More ToolsExtensions .
  3. A new tab will appear in which you can see all the downloaded and active extensions that you have in your browser.
  4. Next, in the left part where it says Extensions, click on the three bars that appear there and then on Open Chrome Store Web . This will take you directly to the Chrome extension store.
  5. Then, in the search engine you put Share Accountand the first result will be the extension that you will have to download.
  6. You click on it, then on Add to Chromeand then on Add extension .
  7. The extension will be downloaded and installed automatically, ready to use quickly and easily.

Getting the extension is a simple process that will not take you more than 5 minutes to then be able to use it and share your Netflix account.

Now you can give your account without the need to share your password to third parties that may not be trusted. That is the main reason to use this extension, to protect your Netflix account as much as possible either through security codes or another. Here’s how you can do this.

How is ShareAccount used?

This extension is simple to use, you only have to have it installed and the person you want to lend your Netflix account to. We have already seen how it is installed, now we will learn how to use it satisfactorily.

  1. Once we have started our session on Netflix in the browser, we will click on the ShareAccounticon that you will find in the upper right corner . This is in the shape of a padlock.
  2. Next, a menu will be displayed where you will find three options: Share AccountReceive Account and Share History .
  3. At this point, you, as the account owner, will have to tell the person who will be lending the account to generate the necessary code for the extension.
  4. You will have to click on Receive Accountwhere a code will be generated that will have to be passed to you.
  5. When you have the code, you will click on Share Accountwhere you must enter it in addition to establishing the time you want to lend the account.
  6. If you do not set a time limit for the account, this will be the default, which is one week. Otherwise, enter the number of hours you want.
  7. You confirm the code and the time, then the extension will generate a link that you will have to share with the other person. That way you can enter Netflix without having the password.

Did you see that it is a simple process? It will not take you 5 minutes to share your Netflix account, protecting it at all times. There are ways to find out who uses your account without your authorization . That way you will have complete control of the Netflix.

Why is it recommended to use ShareAcount?

You must consider that your password cannot be given to anyone . Netflix offers you the option to create and edit profiles to find out who uses your account. It may be the case that when you give your password, people enter at any time to use Netflix. Depending on your plan, this can take you off the platform due to excess users.

It can also be the case that you are watching a movie or series, and Netflix closes suddenly . You can know this by knowing the different reasons why this happens. You can also give more protection to your account by blocking your profile. I hope this post has been of great help to you.


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