How to share Instagram videos in WhatsApp States

If you are one of those who use Instagram a lot, you will have noticed its many tools such as filters, effects and background music. These can be used and make posts more eye-catching. That is why many people prefer to use Instagram more than WhatsApp .

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  1. What should I do to share all my Instagram content on WhatsApp?
    1. Share profile photos or videos
    2. Instagram Stories on WhatsApp
    3. Instagram boomerangs
  2. How to make a video complete in WhatsApp status?
  3. How to create links from my Instagram posts to my WhatsApp contacts?

What should I do to share all my Instagram content on WhatsApp?

This article will help you share stories, photos, links, among other things, on your WhatsApp status , so you can expand on what has to do with followers or with the advertising of your product or brand.

Share profile photos or videos

If you want to share a photo or videos that you have seen on Instagram, it is very easy to do so, as long as you have the two applications installed, WhatsApp and Instagram, and you have an account in each one. If all this is ready, we can continue with the steps.

After opening the Instagram application, go to the photo or video you want to share, you will click on the three buttons in the upper right corner, you will see several options such as; Report, Activate publisher notifications, Copy, Share on …

Choose “Share in …”, from there you only have to choose the application in which you are going to share what you have selected, in this case WhatsApp, now you only have to choose in which you are going to share it, if it is in the profile or in the states. Something important to remember is that the image you are going to share is a link, which directs people to your Instagram profile , this is useful to advertise your IG account .

Instagram Stories on WhatsApp

So far there is no tool that helps you automatically save and publish Instagram stories on WhatsApp, the way to do them is to save the story you have shared and upload it manually . The advantage is that you can use Instagram effects to record amazing videos and then you can post it on WhatsApp.

What you have to do is create your story and add the effects you want . If you have already finished creating it, now you only have to save it as usual, it is the down arrow icon found in the story options. Go to the gallery of your phone and there you will see the video. Now open WhatsApp and do the normal process of uploading a status, if you want to add a comment to the video you can do it, and finally, you just have to publish.

Instagram boomerangs

Boomerangs are short videos, but fun that can be recorded for a duration of 30 seconds , and just like you would do with a story, if you want to share an Instagram Boomerang on WhatsApp, what you should do is record from Instagram, take advantage of all the Instagram filters and make the best Boomerang. Then you give the save icon, you leave Instagram and look for the video that you have saved in the phone gallery, and now the time has come to publish the video in your status.

How to make a video complete in WhatsApp status?

It is important to bear in mind that one of the requirements of WhatsApp when uploading a video to the state is that its duration will be 30 seconds , that is, if you want to share a video in the state and it is longer than 30 seconds, it will be clipped 30 seconds each part. It is not bad that every time we keep the application up to date, it may be that in one of those updates we find ourselves with the surprise that the duration has been extended.

In the meantime, try to ensure that when sharing the 30-second clips, you are aware of the sequence and that you have a good internet connection. Wait a few seconds to upload the next fraction, in this way you can be sure that your videos have been shared in order and without cuts.

How to create links from my Instagram posts to my WhatsApp contacts?

To get the URL or link of any Instagram publication, you just have to go to the image or video that you want to share, click on the three-point button and a list of options will open, among all of them you must select “Share link”, and you will automatically have the link of the publication copied to the clipboard. Now you can share it to your WhatsApp contacts or on any other social network.

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