How to Share IGTV Videos to Your Instagram Feed

Thanks to Instagram TV, the Instagram platform has become more and more famous, known and also used than before. With this spectacular feature you can enjoy videos up to an hour long and even longer. All of these things will vary depending on the type of video and also on whether your Instagram account is verified.

Regarding Instagram TV, the users of the platform have many disturbing questions, some of them are: what to do to be able to share an Instagram TV video on your profile to the feed, how to share this type of videos and what is the process to be used. To know exactly the answer to all these questions, keep reading the ones that we will show below.

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  1. What should you do to share a video from Instagram TV to your Feed?
    1. Activate the ‘publish preview’ tab before sharing
  2. What is the way to share an IGTV video to the Feed?
    1. For videos that you are going to upload
    2. If the IGTV video is already on the platform

What should you do to share a video from Instagram TV to your Feed?

Within Instagram you always have to adjust certain things before proceeding to share something. Everything is very similar to how Facebook works , only it has the small difference that all the options change places. To share a video from Instagram TV to your Feed, you need to activate a tab called ‘Share preview’.

This is an option that Instagram incorporates in its Web version and also in the App for phones. When looking for it, you may also get it by the name ‘Publish preview’.

Activate the ‘publish preview’ tab before sharing

This ‘Add preview’ tab is very easy to activate, you just have to press the icon with a plus symbol that is always used to add content to your Instagram account . When you press it, you will have to go on to add the video you want to upload and nearby you will look for an option with a switch that says ‘Publish a preview’. This is as simple as taking a survey within Instagram .

It should be noted that to share an Instagram TV video as if it were a Feed, you can take the link of the video or if not you can also download the video and then re-upload it. Among these two options, the most recommended to use is the first, since it takes little time. In addition to the Instagram Feed, the platform offers the function to create a Story Highlight .

What is the way to share an IGTV video to the Feed?

Before we mentioned that there are two ways to share an Instagram TV video in the Feed of your profile. However, we never told you how to upload a video using either of these two methods. So that you are fully prepared when uploading a feed , below we are going to explain how to upload one using the two highlighted methods.

For videos that you are going to upload

If it is a video that is not on Instagram TV, then you have downloaded it from another platform. In that case, you have to locate where new Instagram TV videos are added and select the video to publish from your phone’s storage. Once there, edit some details to the video if you want and activate the switch that says ‘Publish a preview’. When you share a video on the Instagram feed, it will be published on your profile as well as when you add a featured story with a photo that you liked very much.

If the IGTV video is already on the platform

When the video is on Instagram TV, things change a bit. First, you must start looking for the video you want to download , when you find it, press the ‘More options’ icon and copy the link to it. Then, paste that link into an application that helps you download videos from Instagram.

To finish the process, add the video to Instagram TV, activate the ‘Post Preview’ switch and upload the video to your profile. This is the process to upload an Instagram video to the feed. The process for computers changes a little more, since you must enter the Instagram website , download the Download Manager , download the video and then you can upload it.

The options for the preview of the video may change because it is the Instagram website and not the application, but it is not that it will vary that much. Anyway , with all this you would finish learning how to share an IGTV video in the feed.

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