How to share folders in DropBox

Dropbox is an online file storage site, with both free and paid accounts. It can also be used as a collaboration tool to share files with other users as long as they have a tablet.

You have to follow a few simple steps to access Dropbox shared folders. In mobile phones it is available for Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

Folders created by one user can be shared with many other users. Once the folder is shared, any user with access to it can add , edit, or delete files in the folder. Each user must have a Dropbox account to access the files.

How to create a Dropbox account

To access the shared folders, the first thing you should have is a Dropbox account and here are the steps you need to follow which are very simple. You have to go to and click on Create account , then enter the required data and accept the conditions and click to create an account.

Then the application will be downloaded completely, so double click on the file that was downloaded and follow the steps given there. Then enter your email address and password and the folder where you can save your files will appear.

Steps to access shared folders

You must first start at . Then you need to click on the part that says files , then the part that says share.

Once these steps are completed, you need to search for the folder you want to access and there click on the three dots (  ) next to the folder name and click on the word Add.

Another way to access a shared folder

You can also access these folders from the application panel as follows:

  1. The session starts. Then click on the bellicon which means you have a notification.
  2. Then click Add Dropboxto a shared folder you want to access.

How to request access to a shared folder

  1. If you click on an invitation and are redirected to a login request, the folder owner may not have granted you access.
  2. To do this, you need to click on the link for that invitation, then request access. Then add the desired account, so you have multiple accounts.
  3. Once these steps are completed, a requestwill be sent to the owner of the folder you want to access and you will be notified if the owner agrees or not.
  4. To request access to a shared folder, you must have a verified email address.

Benefits of sharing a file or folder in Dropbox

Sharing Dropbox files or folders is very easy, even if the other person doesn’t have a Dropbox account By sharing a file, you can have some control over whether other people only edit, comment, or view the files, whether you share them, and even comments in real time for all members of the folder.

How to stop sharing a folder in Dropbox

To stop sharing a folder in Dropbox, you need to follow the steps below.

  1. Open the email that was sent from Dropbox saying a folder has been shared, click the link within the email to open the Dropboxwebpage in the web browser.
  2. After these steps you should start your Dropbox account sessionor sign up for a free account by clicking on the shared folder


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