How to share Facebook videos directly on WhatsApp

For some time now , Facebook videos can be shared on WhatsApp very easily thanks to a convenient button that facilitates this task, so you don’t have to be looking for the video link, copy it, open the messaging application and paste it into the conversation.

Locating the link to a certain Facebook video is somewhat cumbersome, making it difficult to get it and then share it. For that there is a convenient button that streamlines the entire process and allows you to quickly share that link that we want other people to see.

It is an option available in the Facebook application for Android devices and also in iOS, so you can do it with the mobile you have . The only thing you should check is to have the app correctly updated from the Google Play and App Store application stores.

On an iPhone or iPad

Having an iPhone or even an iPad, you can follow certain steps to share any video that you see interesting from Facebook on WhatsApp, do the following:

  • Open the Facebook app and go to the specific video. Click on “share”.
  • Now click on the “WhatsApp” button that you will see in the available options.
  • WhatsApp will open directly, what you have to do is select the contact or contacts you want to send the video to and click on “send” .

The video will be shared in the chosen chats , in that same you can even see it on WhatsApp without opening any player in the style of how it allows you to do it with Netflix trailers, since precisely recently the possibility of watching Netflix videos from the chat was added and in a floating window .

On Android

The procedure to share a Facebook video on WhatsApp directly through a button can also be done directly from the Android app , what’s more, they are the same steps as indicated above, so there is no complication.

Therefore, it would be enough to open the Facebook app, locate the video, click on “share” and press the WhatsApp button . Then you would have to choose the contacts you want to send the video to and it would be ready, that easy.

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